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Book Your Fishing Trip in San Leandro, CA

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Adjoined by mountains on the east and the tremendous coastline of San Francisco Bay on the west, the large suburban town of San Leandro in Alameda County, California boasts of stunning bay views and rich outdoor recreation opportunities. Fishing, golfing, hiking, boating, and touring in historical places are just a few of what you can do in its abundant fishing access areas, golf courses, trails, parks, and museums. Apart from this, San Leandro also takes pride in its impressive neighborhood, manufacturing industries, and, of course, the much anticipated Cherry Festival that showcases its delicious cherries.

Plunge into a Bountiful Fishing in San Leandro

The perfect meld of freshwater and saltwater bodies available in San Leandro makes it a home to many fish species. From freshwater species stocked in the streams and reservoir to saltwater species dwelling in the waters of San Francisco Bay, there are bountiful year-round fishing opportunities in the town.

The San Leandro Creek and Lake Chabot, both tributaries of San Leandro Bay, are good spots for freshwater species such as channel catfish and rainbow trout. Available throughout the year, these fish can be hooked by casting a rigged line from the banks or the boat. Don’t worry if you forgot one because a tackle shop is located just nearby.

Going to the larger coastline in the San Leandro Marina area provides even more opportunities for anglers. In the pier, small native fish such as sculpins and small perch can be found, but, more interestingly, larger fish species such as striped bass, shiner perch, and leopard shark are also spotted here. A few miles upward, these are the great catches too in San Leandro Bay. Catch these year-rounder fish any time of the year, but striped bass are particularly more active during warmer seasons and leopard sharks, in contrast, are more active during winter.

Your trip to San Leandro wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the anglers’ most favoriteCalifornia flounder and Chinook salmon. Other great catches are white sturgeon, brown rockfish, and yellowfin tuna. Widely used techniques are trolling and live-bait drifting techniques. Boats and fishing charters can bring you to the best spots. Summer to fall is the best period to hook Chinook salmon and California flounder. Sturgeons, on the other hand, are best fished in winter when they are more active.

Don’t Miss Out on the Best of San Leandro

1.Cherry Festival

This is one of the activities that should never be missed for summer visitors. The Cherry Festival is a good occasion to try the best cherries in the country and enjoy various activities during the festival.


2.Golf Courses

Many of the golf courses here are located near the fishing areas so it is a perfect activity to add to your itinerary. Designed for golfers of any level, you can enjoy the stunning bay views as you go through every hole.


3. Visits in Historical Places

San Leandro still stands with some of its premier historic attractions. There is plenty to discover if you are curious about Spanish architecture and design.