Falmouth, MA Fishing: Explore Its Waters

Falmouth, MA Fishing: Explore Its Waters
Published: Sunday, February 28th, 2021
Updated on: Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Falmouth, MA, boasts of white sand beaches, a quaint and charming downtown, and over 60 miles of shoreline. 

During its early development, Falmouth housed different industries such as agriculture, whaling, shipbuilding, salt, and glass manufacturing. In the 19th century, it became known for strawberry and cranberry cultivation. 

Falmouth may be known for many things, but its topography shouts fishing. It has many small ponds, creeks, and inlets – perfect for freshwater fishing and surrounded by bays, seas, and harbors.

From time to time, Falmouth booms with various fishing events like the Falmouth Grand Prix, where they sometimes host the event to support their chosen charity. They did one in 2017 from The Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivorship Program in Dana Farber Cancer Institute. This event was in memory of one of their tournament winner, James Michael Stratton.

Anglers from Falmouth join annual fishing tournaments in nearby towns like the Big 3 Fishing Tournament and the Fishing Derby in entire Massachusetts.

Other events that often take place here are Falmouth Sprint Triathlon, The Falmouth Walk, Falmouth Road Race, and Falmouth in the Fall Road Race. However, most events in Falmouth are canceled until further notice due to the pandemic.

Falmouth Fishing

Old Silver Beach

When you look at the map of Massachusetts, you'd know right away know that Falmouth is ideal for fishing. It is surrounded by bodies of water and some freshwater in-between land.

The best spots to go freshwater fishing in Falmouth are Long Pond, Grews Pond, Jenkins Pond, Deep Pond, and Coonnamessett Pond. You'll find fantastic catches like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, rainbow trout, and brown bullhead.

Since Falmouth is surrounded by bodies of water, especially in the West and East, anglers love to do shore fishing and deep sea fishing.

One of the most famous fishing hot spots is Old Silver Beach, located in West Falmouth. People love to go here for the beach and for fishing, too. Here, you can catch striped bass, black sea bass, and bluefish, which are all drawn to plenty of baitfish from the strong outflow from the marsh behind the beach.

If you want to catch some pollock and tautog, you can head to Vineyard South. This is one of the easiest and nearest ways to enter Falmouth by boat. Fishing charters frequent the area because of abundant catch almost the entire year. The waters here are home to some cod and haddock. Besides fishing, you get to enjoy the famous Martha's Vineyard nearby in East Falmouth.

Catching striped bass may be available anywhere in Falmouth, but it doesn't get as challenging as fishing in Nobska. There's one prime fishing spot in the area – a small, broken-down jetty just below the historic Nobska Lighthouse. A perfect place to enjoy both fishing and sightseeing in one place. Since only one person can cast a line in the jetty at a time, other anglers prefer to traverse in the half-submerged rocks below. If you plan to do so, take extra precautions as the rocks can be very slippery.

Drive to the other end to Succonnesset Shoal, where you can find bluefish, little tunny, and bonito.  You can troll down south in Wreck Shoal following the tide's direction. You can also go trolling for bluefish and bluefin tuna in Horseshoe Shoal. However, unlike in Succonnesset, it might take a while before you can get any follow, so patience is necessary when trolling in this area.

If you find Old Silver Beach to be quite crowded during your visit, you can head to the other said at Menauhant Beach. People love to come here during spring or fall to catch bass, bluefish, and little tunny.

Menauhant Beach, Falmouth, MA

While Menauhant Beach is the place to be for fishing during spring or fall, Falmouth summer will lead you to Waquoit Bay in Seapit Road, East Falmouth, where you'll enjoy a day paddling and ramp fishing. Striped bass and bluefish are abundant in the area, especially during summer. A fair warning, though, boat traffic can be heavy during the season.

Lastly, if you want to go fishing with your kids, head to Falmouth Town Harbor Bulkhead. This place is mostly known for porgy scup. This fish weighs only from two to four pounds, a manageable weight for kids to catch.

Most of the fishing hotspots in Falmouth are free and open to the public. Just make sure you check on the area's fishing regulations and acquire a permit or license before you head out to the water.

Don't forget to check the weather before you go. Temperatures rise around June and start to cool down in October and drop to its coldest end of December up to March. The water temperature rises and falls in almost the same periods as the land temperature. Most people prefer to visit Falmouth around July to September when the skies are clearer and have less chance of precipitation – that despite the heat. 

Watch out for wind, too. The windiest months in Falmouth are between October to April, but it tends to be windy even during the summer. Always check with the local guides about the gustiness and wind speed before heading out. Ask for advice if it's safe to go kayak or boat fishing.  


Top 10 Fish Species in Falmouth, MA

The top 10 fish species abundant in Falmouth are black sea bass, striped bass, bluefish, bonito, porgy scup, little tunny, bluefin tuna, tautog, codand pollock.

Falmouth, MA Fishing: Explore Its Waters Fish species
Smallmouth Bass 

Habitat: Lake, River

Weight: 1 - 4 Pounds

Length: 12" - 27"

Largemouth Bass

Habitat: Lake, Pond, Rivers

Weight: 2 - 22 Pounds

Length: 15" - 32"

Brown Bullhead 

Habitat: Lake, River, Backwater

Weight: 1 - 5 Pounds

Length: 8" - 22"

Rainbow Trout 

Habitat: River, Lake

Weight: 1 - 8 Pounds

Length: 16" - 34"

Black Sea Bass

Habitat: Offshore, Onshore, Nearshore, Wreck, Reef

Weight: 2 - 9 Pounds

Length: 10" - 26"


Habitat: Nearshore, Onshore

Weight: 3 - 15 Pounds

Length: 15" - 51"

American Yellow Perch

Habitat: River, Lake, Backcountry

Weight: 1 - 4 Pounds

Length: 1" - 10"

Striped Bass

Habitat: River, Lake, Onshore, Near shore

Weight: 10 - 81 Pounds

Length: 20" - 55"

Seasonal Fishing in Falmouth

You can visit Falmouth any time of the year, and you can count on catching great gamefish on your trip.

The best season to go fishing in Falmouth is spring. Anglers start coming in March for a fair catch of cod, flounder, and haddock, along with halibut, striped bass, pollock, tautog, and porbeagle sharks. However, April and May offer an excellent variety of gamefish that will give you a good fight. Expect some flounder in April, and Atlantic mackerel, porgy scup, and shad in May.

Good catch continues during the summer. June offers the same sightings as May but expect more bluefish to start surfacing on this month. Expect more fish come July and August. Anglers look forward to catching black sea bass, weakfish, tautog, bluefin tuna, and blue shark.

Falmouth waters still have something to offer in the fall. More pollock in September and a fair sighting of cod, Atlantic mackerel, and tautog in October and November.

Winter may have fewer fish in the sea, but fish such as halibut, porbeagle shark, and haddock will give you a good fight. Fishing charters can take you to the best spots to catch them during winter.


Exciting Activities in Falmouth You Should Try

Kite Surfing, Falmouth, MA


1.Fishing Charters

There is a great variety of fishing charters in Falmouth for those who want to sit back and relax; and adrenaline junkies who want an action-packed trip out to the sea.



Aside from fish, Falmouth is known for its blue crabs. This is one activity that most families enjoy, especially during summer, since it doesn't require any fancy equipment and doesn't require any permit.

3. Bike Rentals 

Enjoy the entire length of the Shining Sea Bikeway by renting a bike. Bike rentals are all over Falmouth and are considered the cheapest, most enjoyable way to go around the town. You get to enjoy the view and the breeze biking around.

4. Geocaching

If you want a non-touristy way of exploring Falmouth, you can try Geocaching. Geocaching is like a treasure hunt wherein you can search for a hidden cache by using a phone app. Once you find it, you have to log your name and swap or leave items for others to find. It's a great way to connect with others and find a unique souvenir of your travel. 

5. Vineyard and Winery

Take some time off the beach and chill with a glass of wine. Falmouth is known for vineyards and wineries. They're lowkey tourist areas, but you'll find yourself enjoying a fine afternoon of vineyard tours and wine tasting. You can also enjoy fresh seafood to pair your wine.


Top Beaches in Falmouth


1.Old Silver Beach

Old Silver is one of the best beaches in Cape Cod the most famous in Falmouth because of its long stretch of white sand and soft waters. Anybody is welcome to enjoy a day at the beach. Snack shacks are around the area, so you won't have to worry about getting hungry. Lifeguards are on the watch to keep everyone safe and warn people if they spot a nearby shark.

2.Surf Drive Beach

Surf Drive Beach is another famous beach in Falmouth but doesn't get as crowded as Old Silver. It has a long and roomy beach with gentle waves, with a tiny inlet great for kids to explore.

3.Menauhant Beach

One of the best features of Menauhant Beach is its wheelchair-friendly. They have an available beach wheelchair, so you won't have to leave out anyone on your next family outing. Located in East Falmouth, the water here is warmer, and the place doesn't get too crowded. A perfect place for a laid-back day at the beach. 

4.Chapoquoit Beach

Its long and narrow beach is just one of the reasons to love Chapoquoit Beach. Locals prefer to stay here since it rarely gets visited by tourists, so there is less crowd. Food concessions, lifeguards, and restrooms are available for your convenience and safety. 


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