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Crystal River, FL

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At Salty Vets Fishing Charters, they strive to not only put you on fish, but to put a smile on your face! Army Veteran Captain Raymond Dehn wants you and your family to make lasting memories and want to come back year after year. He’s been has been fishing the Crystal River/ Homasassa waters since he was 10 years old.

You’ll be fishing on his beautiful 2019 19' Cape Craft boat which can accommodate up to 4 guests(6 for scallop trips). It is powered by a 115HP Suzuki engine with a maximum cruising speed of 30 mph. The boat is made to suit the shallow water, and the wireless trolling motor it has makes it super quiet in order not to spook the fish. It is also equipped with a GPS.

Salty Vets Fishing Charters loves every species of fish that swims in Crystal River’s waters. Capt. Raymond spent years figuring out the best tactics to catch these fish. Snook, Redfish, Trout, Grouper and the list goes on! During your trip, you’ll target whatever gets you the best catch chances, considering the season.

He also offers scalloping trips, which can best be described as an underwater treasure hunt. So much fun for kids! Experience is not necessary and you are sure to reach the 2.5 gallons per person limit

Captain Raymond will provide you with fishing equipment, rods, reels, tackle, live and artificial baits, a fishing license, and will gladly clean and fillet your catch so you can take it home for a great meal. All that you will need to bring is your food and drinks for the trip.

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Cape Craft

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Cancelation and Refund Policy

Paying for your Trip 

When you book your fishing trip, you will need to first put down a deposit to hold the reservation. Then, the remaining balance will be charged to your account on the day of the trip.

1. Place your deposit

  • Your deposit will be 15% of your full trip charge.
  • When the guide confirms your trip or if autobooking is enabled, Guidesly charges your credit card with a deposit to guarantee your reservation.

2. We charge the rest the remaining balance day of trip.

  • The remaining balance will automatically be charged to your card given on the day of the trip. Tips are handled thru the app / website after your trip has been completed.

Cancellation Policy and Guidelines 

Customers Cancellation Guidelines:
At Guidesly, each guide controls their own cancellation policy. This guide will allow you to cancel up to 14 days prior to your scheduled trip, to cancel and get your deposit back in full. If you fail to cancel before the set timeframe given by the guide, Guidesly will keep your deposit.

If there are impeding weather conditions, we give a 100% guarantee refund back in full. We will also give customers the option to reschedule the trip or take the deposit refund.

Guide Cancellation Guidelines: In the rare event a Guide has to cancel a reservation, customers will get your deposit back in full.

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