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Guide Articles

Read articles directly from our top rated Guides. Learn about their adventures, fishing reports, expertise tips and more!

13 April 2021

Montauk Fishing Changed My Life – Charter Captain Savio Mizzi

Renowned Charter Captain Savio Mizzi explains what makes Montauk striper and fluke fishing so special, including tips for his favorite technique: bucktailing.

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22 March 2021

Surf Casting Lessons and Tips from World Record Holder Ron Arra

Learn surf casting lessons and tips from 5x casting champion and World Record caster Ron Arra. Casting farther is key to catching more fish!

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20 March 2021

Cape Cod Striper Fishing Tips From Expert Charter Captain

Cape Cod is world famous for striper fishing. Learn about the Cape's top spots, techniques, and lures, as well as general tips for landing more fish!

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18 February 2021

Battenkill River Fly Fishing for Brown Trout

Fly fishing on the Battenkill River can be an incredible experience. Test your expertise against the big brown trout that call these waters home.

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17 February 2021

Stalking Flood Tide Redfish: Learn Expert Tips From Master Guide

Flood tide fishing is unique to certain areas of the country. If you have not experienced this, you are truly missing out.

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8 February 2021

Upstate New York Steelhead Fishing With John Rogers

My friends all have one thing in common, a love for the outdoors & excited for the chance to fish lake Ontario Chrome AKA- Great Lakes Steelhead Trout.

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1 February 2021

Palm Beach Drift Fishing with Rich Adler

When I go drift fishing in Palm Beach, I never know what I'm going to catch, and that's what makes it so exciting. 

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