Bass Fishing on Lake Ray Hubbard With Brandon Sargent

Learn more about bass fishing with Brandon Sargent in Lake Hubbard.

Bass Fishing on Lake Ray Hubbard With Brandon Sargent
Bass Fishing on Lake Ray Hubbard With Brandon Sargent
Brandon Sargent

April 19, 2022, 5 min read

Updated on August 31, 2022

Bass Fishing on Lake Ray Hubbard With Brandon Sargent
Brandon Sargent

April 19, 2022, 5 min read

Updated on August 31, 2022

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Experience Bass Fishing on Lake Ray Hubbard Like Never Before with Lead Slingers

a man and kid sitting in front of row of fish

I know that many anglers love to engage in bass fishing. It is a favorite activity in North America that we even hold countless bass fishing tournaments.

There are numerous reasons why we love catching bass. You can catch it in almost all bodies of water in the country. It bites deep and shallow water and is available throughout all seasons. It’s aggressive and perfect for anglers looking for challenges, thrill, and excitement.

I enjoy catching bass in Lake Ray Hubbard as it houses a large population of largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, white bass, and other fish species such as channel catfish, blue catfish, and white crappie. Aside from that, you can also find trophy-sized fish here. It was recorded that the largest flathead catfish caught in this lake weighs a jaw-dropping 65 pounds. 

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Quick Fact About Lake Ray Hubbard

The lake locates in Dallas, North Texas. It spans more than 22,000 acres, making it one of the fishing jewels in the area. Lake Ray Hubbard is an artificial body of water, and before its construction, it was a river bottom popular to locals as “The Bottom.” People would come here to do hand fishing or noodling. 

man beside a boat and in front of fish on the ground

What led to its construction was the phenomenon in 1957, when its neighbor, the White Rock Lake, dried up.  Shortly after that, Dallas Mayor R.L. Thornton and Dallas Park Board member Ray Hubbard pushed to develop another lake in Rockwell County, and that is the Lake Ray Hubbard that we know today. 

What Makes Lake Ray Hubbard A Great Bass Fishing Destination?

It's not just the size of fishable waters that makes Lake Ray Hubbard an excellent bass fishing destination. The lake also has fantastic vegetation and other fishing structures that create a perfect environment for different bass varieties to thrive. 

Standing Timbers

Hybrid striped bass and blue catfish have been among the most abundant fish species in the lake for the past few years. Largemouth bass also improved with the submerged vegetation, especially the standing timbers on Interstate 30. 


There are sparse Hydrillas found in some regions of Lake Ray Hubbard. This aquatic vegetation is suitable for bass fishing as it provides a perfect habitat for all life stages of bass. It is also easy to fish on because it is a high-visibility cover. 

Rock Ripraps

Rock ripraps line the roadways that cross the reservoir. These rock structures mainly prevent soil erosion, but they have also been an ideal hideout for bass all year round. The indentations in the ripraps where rocks have fallen off and piled up are excellent hotspots. Moreover, the corners of riprap are also a good place for bass fishing. These spots are where the currents come around and leaves and eddies. The Schools of bass usually stack on that eddy and utilize it to ambush shad.

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Humps and Points 

During cooler months, you can fish for bass in the heated discharge area on the southwest side of Interstate 30. Some humps and points extend along this area that you can utilize. Schools of bass usually flock to these structures, especially when there is a strong current, as they use these as an ambush point for passing baitfish. 

What’s It Like Catching a Bass With Me?

man holding a smallmouth bass

When you join me on a bass fishing trip in Lead Slingers, you will find that my tactics in catching this species work every time. That is because I have spent seven years learning and understanding the behavior of this fish. 

Like many guides, I use a Garmin Livescope to locate fish and make precise bait presentations. However, it isn’t as effective when finding bass on the run to catch some baitfish. So, I also utilize Bobo’s Thumper, a device that attracts bass by mimicking their sound when feeding on baitfish. It runs on a battery, and it causes a rubber mallet to raise lower and lower, strike the plate, and send rhythmically sound waves across the water to attract the fish. 

Once the Bobo’s Thumper is up and working, you will eventually see schools of bass beginning to show up. Typical, I would drop a half-ounce of chartreuse and white slabs down in the middle of the school. Then, I will slowly raise the slab above the dish and you will see on the screen that there is two or three bass that are following the bait up. 

Join Me for Bass Fishing in Lake Ray Hubbard

Bass fishing is truly rewarding. From all the effort you’ve put into locating the fish to successfully getting a bite, you will surely love to target this fish every time you go angling.

a view of Brandon Sargeant boat beside trees

You can join me if you want to fish for different bass varieties in Lake Ray Hubbard successfully. I am excited to hop onto Lead Slingers with you. I have been a professional Guide in Dallas, Texas, for over seven years. I’ll provide you with all the equipment you will need to get a bite from hybrid stripers, largemouths, smallmouths, white bass, and sand bass. The equipment will include rods, reels, tackles, jigs, and live bait. 

Not to mention the top-of-the-line electronics that we can utilize to locate schools of bass, such as the Bobo’s thumper, Garmin 126sv, Garmin 106sv, Lowrance Hook, Hummingbird Helix 12, and Garmin Panoptics. Moreover, you’ll get GoPro videos and pictures if you want to record your fantastic fishing adventure with me. 

Are you ready for our bass fishing adventure in Lake Ray Hubbard? Book a charter with me to experience bass fishing like no other and get a chance to bag home more than one catch. You can also opt to have a one-on-one lesson with me if you want to know some tips and tricks for successful bass fishing.  Like us on Facebook or check out our website to know more about Texas Lead Slingers.