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August 10, 2020

Editors Picks - Favorite Shark Movies

Editors Picks - Favorite Shark Movies

John: Without a doubt, my favorite shark movie has got to be Jaws. Filmed on Martha’s Vineyard, this iconic Spielberg film has stood the test of time. While the 45-year-old special effects are surprisingly good, the beauty of the film comes more from the story. The decision whether or not to open an island beach is relatively inconsequential compared to the plotlines of other blockbuster movies tending toward the apocalyptic, but it’s a plot centered around relatable fear that strikes much closer to home for millions of beachgoers. This relatability combined with suspense created by John Williams’ one-of-a-kind soundtrack are what make Jaws such an exciting and timeless classic. Come on, who doesn’t want to watch a great white shark explode into hundreds of pieces?

Taylor: I am more into the really absurd, SyFy movies, so I have to go with Sharknado. A bizarre, yet powerful, hurricane off the coast of Mexico takes a group of sharks making its way towards southern California. A cyclone hits LA, and brings shark infested tidal waves and street floods filled with blood thirsty sharks. I think what blows my mind, SyFy has made so many other daring shark movies (Ghost Shark, Avalanche Sharks, 3 Headed Shark Attack, the list goes on…), but what picked this movie up and taken it on a 6 film franchise whirlwind? We might never know…

Jess: My favorite shark movie is Soul Surfer: I love this movie because even though it is incredibly sad, it is equally as inspiring. Bethany Hamilton (played by AnnaSophia Robb), though she loses an arm to a shark while surfing, still wants to get back out on the water and do what she loves even though it almost cost her life before. This is motivational to everybody but especially people with physical disabilities, as the movie touches upon the physical and psychological struggles Bethany Hamilton had to go through in order to be able to surf again.