May 12, 2020

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How to Fish Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to Fish Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please check the Guidesly Covid-19 Fishing State Regulations page for the latest information.

Effects of Coronavirus

The spread of the Coronavirus is something that has taken the world by storm. During this horrible time, people are looking for glimpses of hope, a sense of normalcy, and a way to unite together. Communities, friends, and families have been doing an incredible job finding ways to come together at home. Leveraging technology to do game nights, practicing social distancing by lining up chairs on neighborhood lawns to have a beer, organizing dance parties on balconies in apartment complexes, and even at home group workouts with live feeds to others in that class are all great examples. The world is doing what they can with what we have.


Another source of normalcy people are finding solace in is leveraging outdoor recreational activities. Hiking and fishing are among the most common in this category. Fishing has so many health benefits that it is important to get out in nature and on the water.

Can I Fish?

Yes! You can fish, with state exceptions. We want everyone to adhere to their state’s laws and regulations, first and foremost. We do not promote illegally dismissing regulations being put in place by each individual state. Do a quick google search to find what your current state laws and outdoor recreational stances are during COVID-19.

Ways to Stay Safe and Fish

Guidesly wants to help people get out in nature while practicing safe ways to fish. Once you find out if your state all