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December 15, 2021

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Mid-day Fishing: Why You Should Do It

Mid-day Fishing: Why You Should Do It

Many new anglers get their tips and advice from the internet. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fishing blogs that attempt to assist new anglers in preparing for and determining what to do when it comes to fishing. When talking about the right time of day to fish, most guides would probably tell you to go fishing during either dusk or dawn. Both times are when the water is at its coolest and, in turn, are when fish are most active. Instead of being entirely in the depths of the water hiding from the heat, fish can swim around open water during these times. But, regardless of these are the best times to go fishing, going on a trip during the middle of the day can be pretty underrated. As we get older, we have less and less free time. Not everyone can make an effort to get ready for a 5 a.m. fishing trip. But, for those who are still not convinced, here are some of the reasons why anglers should try fishing during the day.

Why Every Angler Needs to Try Noontime Fishing

1. Logistics

As previously stated, not everyone can afford to go on an early morning fishing trip. Going on a fishing trip early usually requires an even earlier wake-up call to prepare for it. Because not every angler is a morning person, the drive to the fishing spot may be inconvenient as well. Though fishing at dusk is also a great option because there is no need to get up very early, nighttime fishing may not be for everyone. Even more, anglers may be turned off by having to go back home later than usual, which can be a pain when the local fishing spot is far from home. Fishing during the middle of the day ensures that an angler can get his rest, and leave early, enough time for the wife not to worry. 

Since many anglers tend to fish right before sunset or sunrise, there should at least be some charters or fishing shops with discounts during the slow hours in the middle of the day. Fishing can be an expensive sport when talking about equipment and its logistics. Shaving off a few expenses can make a lot of difference.

2. Bottom Fishing 

The most significant reason fish activity slows down during the middle of the day is the sun. Midday, when the sun is at its hottest, heats the water. When this happens, fish in the area do either of the two things, move to covered parts of the water or swim all the way to the bottom. For anglers looking to regularly fish in the middle of the day, bottom fishing may be their biggest tool. 

Simply put, bottom fishing is casting bait and lure all the way down to the bottom of the water. It's obviously used for fish that regularly dwell in the bottom of the water and can be used in a lot of different scenarios like when nearshore or offshore fishing, as well as in lakes or reservoirs. The technique can also be used in tandem with trolling and drift fishing. Another great thing about bottom fishing is the need for simple tools. For the most part, a rod, reel, tackle, and sinker is the bare minimum of what a bottom fishing angler needs.

Some tips when trying to bottom fish include using bait that's proportionate to the hook, as well as covering as many areas as possible, and when in doubt, cast as far away as possible. Using live bait is also very important as most of the time, the bottom part of the water has lots of vegetation and is home to fish. Using live bait that darts around their habitat while exuding smell entices the fish much more than using artificial lures.

3. Not THAT Hot 

Contrary to what most online guides would have you believe, fishing during the middle of the day isn't that hot, at least on an angler. Obviously, it is still hot enough for the fish to move downwards and into cooler water, but it does not always mean that bottom fishing is the only option. When fishing out during midday, it's best to look for fish in places where there's a cover. Water in those places is much cooler and therefore more likely to have fish in it. If an angler opts to fish in the shade more than bottom fish, then the temperature shouldn't be as hot as when fishing on open waters without shade. Fishing in big lakes can be tiresome and time-consuming. Narrowing down the list of potential fishing spots instead of blindly going through the entire body of water is much more efficient. However, even if an angler fishes in the shade for the entire day it is still great to bring a lot of water to drink as fishing can be physically demanding. 

4. Less Competition

As an underrated time of day to fish at, there should be less competition in the water. The majority of anglers will most likely be on the water in the early morning hours, just before sunset. There isn't much to say except that anglers who choose to fish at noon will probably encounter fewer fishing boats and anglers attempting to catch fish in the area. Less competition means more fish to potentially catch. This doesn’t always apply to boats in general; for example, when out near the shore, anglers may find that people out in yachts are plentiful during this time of the day, trying to get a good tan. Otherwise,  there should be a noticeable decrease in anglers fishing during noontime.

The great thing about fishing is the freedom it provides. From the equipment down to the fishing technique being used, there are a lot of ways to go about catching fish. This includes the best time of the day to catch fish. In the end, it's all about finding what suits an angler best for each and every occasion.