Sunset Cruising in the Cape

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Sunset Cruising in the Cape
Sunset Cruising in the Cape
Ross Walkinshaw

May 16, 2022, 5 min read

Updated on August 31, 2022

Sunset Cruising in the Cape
Ross Walkinshaw

May 16, 2022, 5 min read

Updated on August 31, 2022

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Cape Cod Trip from Capt. Ross Walkinshaw of Cape Cod Charter Guys

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Apart from being a premier fishing destination on the East Coast, Cape Cod is simply a stunning place to be. This geographical wonder is composed of various towns and small islands, each of which has its own unique features and personality. You can spend years coming back to the cape and never run out of new things to see and do.

One of the highlights of Cape Cod is best seen from the water. As a region that has had a long history with fishing, the cape is home to many beautifully fascinating lighthouses and harbors that are simply amazing to behold. You can hike or walk to these landmarks from within their area limits, but as a man who spends most of his time on a boat, believe me when I tell you that these sights are best appreciated on a boat tour.

Going on a cruise, particularly a sunset cruise, is a fantastic way to see just what makes Cape Cod truly special. From golden hour, you will appreciate exactly what draws artists to this region. The light simply hits the cape a little differently.

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Cape Cod Lighthouses

One of the favorite subjects for artists who flock to Cape Cod is the lighthouse. There are a great variety of these structures all over the cape, each one equally beautiful and interesting to behold, especially on sunset tours. These are just some of our favorites:

1. Nauset Lighthouse

Know that iconic red-and-white lighthouse? That’s the Nauset, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. This beautiful lighthouse was built south of Nauset before eventually moving to its current spot. It may be a little further away from the shore than you would expect. That’s because most of the lighthouses in Cape Cod have historically fallen into the water due to the eroding coast.

2. Nobska Light

Nobska Light faces the entrance to Buzzards Bay and the great Atlantic Ocean. It sits atop a hill on the western edge of Cape Cod, making it a sight to behold from the water. 

3. Sandy Neck Lighthouse

Located on Barnstable Harbor, the original Sandy Neck Lighthouse was built during the boom of the fishing and whaling industry in the area. It was made of wood before but was eventually replaced by the brick structure we now see today.

What sets Sandy Neck apart is that it still actually operates as a private navigational aid. At night, you might see it emitting green light. It is truly stunning to watch from a boat at night.

4. Stage Harbor Light

Situated on West Chatham on Harding’s Beach, Stage Harbor Light is now privately owned and has been refurbished over the years. However, it remains a true icon of the cape, a favorite subject for artists and photographers, especially when seen from a boat or the beach.

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5. Highland Lighthouse

The first lighthouse ever constructed on the Cape, Highland Lighthouse is the tallest among all the lighthouses in the region. It used to stand on the cliffs of Truro but had to be moved back as the cliffs began to erode. 

Cape Cod Canal Cruise

One of the quintessential cruises in the region is, of course, a boat ride through the Cape Cod Canal. I think it’s the best way to get acquainted with the cape, as a cruise down the canal lets you see many landmarks that define the region. Our cruise may include seeing iconic bridges like the Sagamore Bridge, the Bourne Bridge, and the Vertical Lift Railroad Bridge. We may also see the herring run, the Scusset Beach Fish Pier, Sandwich Boat Basin, and Cape Cod Bay.

Cruising Along the Elizabeth Islands

view of a black and white boat

Apart from these lighthouses on some of Cape Cod’s historic harbors, the region has even more special spots that may not be on every visitor’s radar. While these may not be part of the sunset cruise itinerary, they’re still worth considering as another extension of your charter cruise trip.

One of our favorites is the Elizabeth Islands. This island chain right in between Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay gathers on the southwest tip of the cape and is mostly privately owned and can only be accessed by boat. 

Before heading out to Cuttyhunk at the end of the island cluster, we will cruise along the island chain and see some of its unique features. There are the Scottish Highland cattle and gray seals hanging out on beaches, views of the Forbes-owned islets, and more. They are truly spectacular to watch as we glide along on the water.

Cuttyhunk is a particular favorite among nature lovers and bird-watchers. The island itself is a migration funnel during spring and fall for many birds, including rare ones like the painted redstart. While it may not have a lot to offer in terms of convenience, what it does boast is a restful and lush escape filled with beautiful hiking trails and stunning ocean scenery.

Cape Cod Charter Guys Cruise Tours 

people on a charter boat cruising

Whether you’re hankering for a daytime cruise, a seal-watching, or a sunset cruise, it’s best to do it on a luxurious boat. That’s why we at Cape Cod Charter Guys have invested in making sure our boat is not just in tip-top shape but can also provide a comfortable and state-of-the-art experience. Some of the things you can expect from our boat? A smooth, safe, and reliable ride, plush seats, an electronics, and radar system, an amazing sound system where we can play your favorite tunes as the sun goes down, and all the safety measures so that we’re ready for all types of emergencies should they come our way.

But of course, a great boat won’t be complete without a master captain and a mate. Rest assured that you will enjoy your sunset cruise with the Cape Cod Charter Guys — me, your Captain Ross Walkinshaw and my mate, Jayden. We love Cape Cod, and we enjoy showing it off. You can request from us a specific tour or ask us for recommendations.