September 27, 2021

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Techniques on Catching the Northern Pike

Techniques on Catching the Northern Pike

Pike fishing is one of the most thrilling and fast action you can find in northern lakes as northern pike, or also referred to as wolves, gators, freshwater sharks, dragons, or toothies, are ravenous eaters, aggressive fighters, and are not that commonly sought out by anglers. The fish is trophy material not only because of the size they can grow to but because of the challenge catching them poses for any angler. If you want to take up the challenge of catching the sharp-toothed game fish, here are some tips and techniques to consider: 

Gearing Up to Catch Northern Pike

  • Rod - Fishing for pike can be done with a simple spinning rod. A medium-heavy action rod is your best bet as it fits with most pike lures. The fish do not require too much finesse when you’re fishing for them so it’s best to start simple. If you want to do some trolling, a slightly longer, heavy action spinning rod will do. The thing to remember is to get rods that have sufficient backbone, as it will help you cast farther and let you have more control when you fight the fish.
  • Reel - Having a drag system with a maximum drag of 15 lbs is ideal to land pike. For trolling, a drag of at least 25 lbs is preferred. The additional drag helps with larger swim-bait lures that generate extra tension on the line. 
  • Line - You need to use a strong enough mainline as pike have sharp teeth that can break through some lines easily. Monofilament