The Top Fishing Equipment for Buoy 10

What are the top fishing equipment to land a catch at Buoy 10? Tap here to learn more.

The Top Fishing Equipment for Buoy 10
The Top Fishing Equipment for Buoy 10
Team Guidesly

August 31, 2022, 4 min read

Updated on August 30, 2022

The Top Fishing Equipment for Buoy 10
Team Guidesly

August 31, 2022, 4 min read

Updated on August 30, 2022

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Buoy 10 fishing in Astoria, Oregon, is the most awaited season for salmon fishing enthusiasts. It is one of the top fisheries where you can catch large fish species, including the sought-after chinook salmon, coho salmon, and steelhead

This famous fishery is a buoy out towards the mouth of the Columbia River and is an outbound deadline for anglers before the no-fishing zone. Although it is considered a buoy, this fishing spot is much more. It is a large area of water that encompasses the ocean out in the Columbia River, the coastline 5, and Tongue Point. All of them locates on the eastern side of Astoria, which is known to have abundant waters.

As the season finally begins, marked-select chinook retention fish, some hatchery coho, and native chinook are the first to heat up and will last until August. It comes in early September, and the buoy becomes a Coho fishery with only a limit of 3 fish per person. 

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Equipment to Use for a Successful Fishing in Buoy 10 

Coho and chinook fishing are the most famous activities in Astoria during August and September. The abundance of Buoy 10's fresh water during these months cannot guarantee a successful fishing trip since it will also depend on the angler’s skills and equipment used for fishing. 

Although you can find fish everywhere in the water, it is best to use equipment that would make your fishing adventure fun and effective. 

Below are some of the mostly-used fishing equipment in salmon fishing:

1. Spinner


A spinner can also achieve a great catch of the legendary chinook and coho salmon. Sometimes, it is better than herring since it has larger sizes like a five and ½ Toman or six and ½ Mulkey squid spinners. It has a variety of colors that will help attract the fish, and the most popular ones are red and white, green dot, pearl red dot, and the Mexican flag. 

When using a spinner, positioning the swivel halfway down the leader will help eliminate a leader twist while operating a spinning bait. The iconic fisherman Buzz Ramsey uses a mixture of spinners and baits as he trolls on Buoy 10's water, and it's an excellent technique to make the salmon strike. 

2. Berkley Air Spinning Rods

A famous rod series that anglers use for fishing in Buoy 10 is the Berkley Air Spinning Rods with a casting length of 9 to 10'6 combined with a line-counter reel like the Penn Warfare, a Tracer braid, or a Spiderwire super braid. 

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This rod is light, responsive, and has the right power to reel in some good catches. It features a titanium nitride coating that is best paired with braided lines for efficient fishing. 

3. Inflatable Life Jackets

Buoy 10 can be unpredictable. There are times when it is windy and outgoing tides can be dangerous for smaller boats. The reason why wearing an Inflatable life jacket is suggested by the fishing icon, Buzz Ramsey. 

Anglers who prefer safety over comfort often wear inflatable jackets. It might be uncomfortable for some anglers who still fish without it, but it is better to be safe than sorry while fishing in unpredictable water. 

4. Map and Fish Finder

When exploring the waters, using a map is a must. Learning about the location channels and sand bars, such as the Desdemona Sands, which produces shallow waters at the end of a tide cycle, may be dangerous for boat drivers who come across it unaware. 

Consulting a map allows you to know more about the water you are in, not just for excellent fishing opportunities but also for safety. 

Using a fish finder is also very helpful in finding the perfect position to land some catch. It will make your fishing trip fun and easy. But other than that, it is also essential in staying safe since it detects underwater features, depth, and temperature. 

5. Reels and Line

For reels and lines, you may consider the Penn Warfare Line Counter. It was made to be an all-around reel that you can buy at an affordable price. This equipment is effective for Columbia River fishing since it has lightweight graphite frames with stainless steel frame rings on its side plates that would prevent frame flex. Its HT-100 drag washers can provide a smooth drag on the water even with heavy loads. 

Another tip from the iconic angler, Buzz Ramsey, is to use a 65-pound Berkley Braid as the main line. He mainly uses the tracer version color-coded with high or low visibility. It is essential to use this line to see where it is going, if some fish finally took the bait, or if it's taking the line. 

Excellent Salmon Fishing Opportunity 

Columbia River produces sport anglers with excellent salmon fishing opportunities. Inside the river's mouth, commonly known as Buoy 10, is where you can find hard-fighting chinook and coho salmon fresh from the Pacific Ocean. Fishing for these species is challenging yet fun and fulfilling. 

As long as you have the skills and the equipment needed, it can guarantee the success of your fishing getaway. The opportunity is already here; you just have to do your part.