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May 15, 2021

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Top 7 Freshwater Game Fish Prized by Inshore Anglers

Top 7 Freshwater Game Fish Prized by Inshore Anglers

They say that the most desirable fish to catch are in the sea. The oceans are more expansive than most bodies of freshwater, hence it’s more likely to find bigger, stronger, leaping fish such as swordfish, marlins, and sharks. Being in the middle of the ocean to battle a hundred to thousand-pound beasts is always a fun challenge. These are truly desirable fish to catch for the hardcore anglers who want to test their skills. But not all of the best fish are in the sea.

You might be surprised with what you can catch in a river or the lake near you. They don’t have to be rare, too. A lot of freshwater anglers enjoy catching the common types of fish, such as 20-pounder bass. A part of the joy of freshwater fishing is traversing the terrains to read the water and find the perfect spot to fish.

If you’ve been inshore fishing a long time and you’re tired of the sandy beaches and waves, maybe you can try freshwater fishing. Here are the favorite freshwater fishes of anglers that you may want to try for yourself.


The 7 Top Freshwater Fish


1.Largemouth bass 

When we say freshwater fishing, we can easily think of bass, and one of the famous bass to catch is the largemouth bass. You get to see this fish everywhere, from television, video games, and even fishing tournaments. Largemouth bass are famous for their strength and tenacity. They are powerful ambush predators who are not shy to take baits. They’re also known for their speed and can sometimes be seen chasing down their baits, which is why anglers love to catch them. They never fail to provide an exciting fight. Though they are plenty, anglers are still trying to beat the world record of 22.8 pounds.


2.The blue catfish

There are lots of powerful catfish, but nothing beats the blue catfish. Aside from its beautiful blue hue, it is also called the flathead catfish for its flat, square-like head. The blue catfish can grow up to 143 pounds. It has a large, elongated body and some would say the slimiest of all catfish. Not only is this fish known for its enormous size, but it's also known for its strength. They live in holes which anglers need to look for to lure them out, so anglers use their keen sense of smell to lure the fish out.


3.The Northern pike 

There are large apex predator fish in freshwater areas, such as the northern pike. They can be hard to find with their color that blends in with the environment. It has sharp needle-like teeth and a long serpentine body. The biggest northern pike ever caught was 55 pounds. Be careful when handling this fish. It can quickly take a nab at you even when hauled. Make sure to use strong braided lines that can handle its powerful jaws.  


4. Rainbow trout 

The most famous trout in North America. It looks beautiful, and it is also a great fish to eat. The rainbow trout can reach 48 pounds, but on average, you can catch a hefty 8 pounder. One of the thrills for an angler when fishing for a trout is scanning the environment and reading the water. They stay near the surface and love insects.


5. King salmon 

These are famous in the river systems of Alaskan regions. The chinook salmon are the biggest in the salmon family; they can grow up to an amazing 126 pounds and can easily reach 20 to 25 pounds on average. Like the rainbow trout, you’ll get plenty of good-tasting meat to harvest with king salmon. Aside from being strong fighters, you need to have developed water reading and casting techniques to find them.


6. Muskellunge 

Also known as the muskie, it is another apex predator like the northern pike. Like, the northern pike, they have long torpedo-like bodies and powerful jaws.  They’re generally bigger than the northern pike but are equally voracious eaters. The biggest muskie ever caught was 67 pounds. They can also be hard to find, so they are also called the fish of 10,000 casts for elusiveness. Some anglers would even use the help of the GPS for this freshwater fish.


7. White sturgeon 

This fish is a living fossil, which is why it has a prehistoric look that every curious angler would like to see and can live up to 100 years. It can grow up to 20 feet long and is estimated to weigh up to 1500 pounds. It’s also a delicacy, and it is also well-known for its roe. For a large fish, it can go airborne and show off its acrobatic movements. It’s definitely a sight to behold for any angler.


Plenty To Explore Out There

There are other hidden gems to catch in the freshwater fishing world, aside from the popular ones listed above. You might be surprised with carps who also have underrated strength. Other favorites would be the peacock bass found in the Amazon rivers. Some anglers would even visit Africa to battle the terrifying goliath tigerfish.

Learning about these freshwater species might help you re-energize with your fishing slumps. Try and explore the area around you. Not only will you enjoy the various habitats, but who knows? You might get a world record on your next fishing trip by the river.