March 2, 2021

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Winter Bass Fishing Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Winter Bass Fishing Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Bass fishing in itself is already a challenge, and when you throw cold temperatures into the mix, you’ve got yourself an even bigger hurdle to get over. The climate and icy waters might make the fish frosty and sluggish, which makes it even more crucial to make sure you’re at the top of your game. It's easy to get careless when the conditions aren't perfect, but that’s precisely the time your nature as an angler will shine through. 

If you want to improve your angling game during the cooler months of the year, read on for some winter bass fishing mistakes that are easy to avoid. 

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Retrieving too fast

When it comes to winter bass fishing, slow and steady wins the race. The fish are lethargic and sluggish and so the speed of your retrieve should be unrushed as well. During the winter when the bites are less frequent, it’s easy to lull into monotony in-between bites. When the dullness is suddenly broken with a hit, it’s easy to be taken away by the adrenalin rush, quickening all of your movements. Remember to be patient and move with purpose. Move slower than what your instinct is telling you to do. Refrain from hastening your retrieve and letting yourself get carried away. 

Not casting enough

Even when the weather feels warmer than the usual biting winter chill, it may still be icy cold underneath the water. Bass are cold-blooded and it will take them more time to warm up compared to us, as they are constantly trying to preserve their energy. Their slower reaction times mean you have to adjust your casting as well because it will take them a long time to get to the target area. Make sure that you over-saturate casting into a single area before moving on. Refrain from moving to a different area if there are no hits. 


During the winter, the waters are less populated and give the bass a clearer line of sight to yo