Alectis Ciliaris



Nearshore, Offshore, Reef, Wreck

15 - 20 pounds

20" - 39"

African Pompano Game Fish Quality Very Good
African Pompano Meal Quality Very Good

African Pompano

African Pompano
Also Known As: Threadfin, Crevalle, Jack, Pompano, Cobblerfish, Shoemaker  

African Pompano Description

Found close to the bottom over shallow parts of oceanic waters. Pompano feed on crustaceans and fish. Juveniles are diamond-shaped with long trailing filaments shrinking and then disappearing with age, found close to shores. Pompano's can be found in shallow water around 5m up to 100m. Jacks are fast-swimming fish that can roam over great distances. The larger fish hunt other fish and the smaller fish eat zooplankton. African Pompano is hunted by large Tuna and Dolphins. 

The World Record for the African Pompano 

The African Pompano World Record weight is 50 lb 8 oz (22.90 kg) caught in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA in 1990. The World Record length is 39" (100 cm) caught in Key West, Florida, USA in 2011.

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