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Atheresthes Stomias



Ocean Floor

1 - 9 pounds

24" - 36"

Arrow-Tooth Flounder Game Fish Quality Very Good
Arrow-Tooth Flounder Meal Quality Very Good
Arrow-Tooth Flounder Fly Fishing Quality Very Good

Arrow-Tooth Flounder

Arrow-Tooth Flounder
Also Known As: Arrowtooth Flounder  

Arrow-Tooth Flounder (Atheresthes Stomias) Fish Description

The Arrow-Tooth Flounder is a copper-brown colored flatfish and are from the variants of flatfish that have both their eyes on their right side. Arrow-Tooth Flounders are usually found lying down on their left side. Their underbelly is a rosy pink color with its outer linings being a dark pink color. They have a large mouth and Arrow-Tooth Flounders are somewhat shaped like a soft diamond.  

Interestingly, the Arrow-Tooth Flounder is often mistaken for a Halibut. However, a Halibut (more specifically the Pacific Halibut) has an anal spine whereas the Arrow-Tooth Flounder does not. Its name also comes from its arrow-shaped teeth. It also has no teeth at the roof of its mouth.


Arrow-Tooth Flounder Diet

Arrow-Tooth Flounders feast on pink shrimp and krill. But they also love eating certain fish such as Cod, Herring, and Pollock. However, the kind of food they eat depends on their size. Some have found fish in the stomachs of adult Arrow-Tooth Flounders. But in younger Arrow-Tooth flounders are known to eat plankton or invertebrates that are just loitering around.


Arrow-Tooth Flounder Size

Arrow-Tooth Flounders can grow up to a decent size. The maximum size of a male Arrow-Tooth Flounder can grow up to 2 feet. Whereas, the female Arrow-Tooth Flounder can grow up to 3 feet. Female Arrow-Tooth Flounders apparently grow larger than males but they are only sexually mature by 4 years old. Their maximum length appears to be 34 inches with a maximum weight of 17 lbs.


Interesting Facts about the Arrow-Tooth Flounder

  • Arrow-Tooth Flounders lay their eggs deep in the water. Usually, their eggs are found in 400 meters deep of water.
  • Arrow-Tooth Flounders age slowly. They have a maximum lifespan of 27 years.
  • They have several spawning seasons.
    • Gulf of Alaska – Spring and Summer
    • Off coast Alaska – Fall and Winter
    • Off coast West – Late Fall to Early Spring
  • Many fishes like preying on Arrow-Tooth Flounders such as Skates, Sharks, Orcas (Killer Whales), and Harbor Seals!
  • Arrow-Tooth Flounders are usually found lying on the ocean floors where they glide across to find food.


Arrow-Tooth Flounder – Fishing Techniques: How to Fish for an Arrow-Tooth Flounder

When catching Arrow-Tooth Flounder, the first thing to check is the season. Since they do change areas during the season, knowing where they are will increase your chances of catching them. Although they are not in danger of being overfished, they are quite hard to catch as they can become deep dwellers. They usually lurk in 60 ft to 2400 ft worth of water.

As for the bait, the best thing you can refer to is what they like eating. Arrow-Tooth Flounders love their pink shrimp and krill. So, getting that as bait will do the trick. Fishing for Arrow-Tooth Flounder appears to follow a general set of rules. For example, 6/0 or 7/0 hooks would work on larger flounders. Since the Arrow-Tooth Flounder is around 2-3 ft, having a 6/0 hook would work nicely.


Arrow-Tooth Flounder Habitat and Distribution

Arrow-Tooth Flounders are usually found in North Carolina heading towards the Berring Sea. However, they’re usually found swimming at 930-1,320 ft. They usually stay at the bottom of the oceans and seas. Usually, the Arrow-Tooth Flounders stay by docks and piers where people can easily fish them out.  

They also can be found under bridges and coral reefs.