Moxostoma Erythrurum




1 - 5 pounds

12" - 31"

Golden Redhorse

Also Known As: Golden Sucker, Yellow Sucker

Golden Redhorse (Moxostoma erythrurum) Fish Description

Also known as Golden Sucker or Yellow Sucker, the Golden Redhorse is a small member of the sucker family. Some of its relatives are the loaches, carps, and minnows. 

The Golden Redhorse has white and stout bellies, olive-colored backs, and gray tail fins. Their V-shaped mouth is located in the inferior part of their head. Their caudal fin is notched, whereas their dorsal fin is somewhat concave. They have only one anal fin. Their tail fin is pale yellow. Their sides are brassy golden whereas their fins or orange or pinkish. The air bladder of the Golden Redhorse has three chambers.


Diet and Size

The Golden Redhorse, a bottom-feeder species of fish, likes to feast on small mollusks, detritus, algae, aquatic insects, and microcrustaceans. They suck up food from the stream bed using their protrusible mouth.

The Golden Redhorse, on average, can measure around 12 to 18 inches. They weigh about 1 to 2 pounds only. However, some Golden Redhorse can grow as long as 26 inches and set the scale at 4 to 5 pounds. It is estimated that they can live for 8 to 11 years.


Interesting Facts About the Golden Redhorse 

  • The Golden Redhorse got their name from the golden scales adorning their sides.
  • The Golden Redhorse’s body is fusiform-shaped. This allows them to swim against the currents especially when chasing their prey.
  • With their lateral line system composed of 39 to 42 scales, the Golden Redhorse can detect vibrations and movements in the waters around them.
  • Unlike other redhorse species, the Golden Redhorse is not very sensitive to unfavorable habitat conditions.
  • Female Golden Redhorse lay their eggs