Carassius Auratus



Ponds, Lakes, Streams, Ditches

1 - 10 pounds

1" - 19"


Goldfish (Carassius Auratus) Description

Goldfish are aptly named for their golden color. From their dorsal, they are bright orange before it changes into a more golden orange gradient heading down. Depending on the subspecies of Goldfish, it will have some distinct features. However, one of the most common features of a Goldfish is its forked tail. They have different fin configurations such as short or veil tail.

Goldfish were once thought to be a subspecies of carp. However, that was changed when Goldfish revealed that they had fewer lateral scales than carps. Unlike other fish, Goldfish are known for their color variety and are kept more as pets.


Goldfish Diet

Goldfish actually eat anything, ranging from bread, rice, bloodworms, and typical fish food. Goldfish breeders would sometimes feed their fish daphnia, crickets, mealworms, and shelled peas. Goldfish are not ideally picky but they’re always hungry, so constantly feeding them might be a bad idea.


Goldfish Size

Goldfish can reach an average length of 10 cm (inclusive of the tail). However, in bigger ponds and water bodies, Goldfish can hit around 48 cm and by a freak accident, can even hit up to one foot. However, this is assuming that they are in a big area. Goldfish are constantly growing and having a big water body will allow them to constantly expand.


Interesting Facts about the Goldfish

  • Goldfish have different species types.
    • Goldfish is more of an umbrella term. However, Goldfish breeders are more familiar with the breeds. Some of the breeds include the following:
      • Oranda – This species is the poster fish for the Goldfish species. Most people come across Orandas because they have a combination of the Goldfish’s many desired aesthetics. They have a cap and a flowing tail and are usually colored orange. However, they also have a sub-specie which is known as the Red Cap. The Red Cap has a white body but its “cap” is bright red.
      • Lionhead – An oblong-shaped Goldfish without a cap. The Lionhead is known as the ancestor to the Ranchu, the King of Goldfish. Its name comes from its hood which makes it look like it has a mane.
        • Ranchu – The “King of Goldfish” and a Japanese strain of the Lionhead. They appear more egg-shaped and have a downturned fin and tail.
      • Ryuukin – Another Japanese breed of Goldfish. These