Makaira Mazara




200 - 623 pounds

132" - 192"

Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin 

Also Known As: Blue Marlin, Cuban Blue Marlin, Makaira Mazara, Silver Marlin

Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin (Makaira Mazara)

The Indo-pacific Blue Marlin with the scientific name of Makaira Mazara is probably one of the most recognizable saltwater gamefish species in the world, not only because of their elongated bodies—that typically has a bluish hue on top and silvery-white bellies, but more so because of their spear-like upper jaws. Although this majestic fish is often mistaken for a black marlin, one (even for an untrained eye) can easily distinguish an Indo-pacific Blue Marlin from its close relative by its highly-elevated nape.   

It is also worth mentioning, especially for those fishing for food purposes, that the meat of an Indo-pacific Blue Marlin is highly prized as it’s considered a delicacy in many countries (especially in Japan and South Korea) where they’re eaten raw as sashimi.


Interesting Facts About The Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin

  • The Indo-pacific Blue Marlin is one of the fastest fish in the ocean.
  • Females are significantly bigger than males.
  • They are a highly migratory fish and known to travel thousands of miles as they follow warm currents in the ocean.
  • They use their spear-like beaks to inflict serious damage on both their prey and predators—including anglers.
  • They are mostly found near the surface but they can also dive deeper to hunt for food, which comprised mainly of tuna, mackerel, and squid.
  • Although their average sizes tend to be around eleven feet in length and weighs between two hundred to four hundred pounds, this fish can grow as long as sixteen feet and as heavy as eighteen hundred pounds.
  • Significant decline of its population was observed in the Indian Ocean since 1998 because of overfishing—particularly by Japanese commercial fishers when they started long-lining in previous decades.


Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin’s Need for Speed

Thanks to its streamlined body as well as its large tail, the Indo-pacific Blue Marlin is known to be one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean. They are said to average around 50kph to 80kph but can reach a blinding speed of 110kph!  


Where to Find Them

The Indo-pacific Blue Marlin can be found throughout the tropical and sub-tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean and&