Lutjanus Synagris



Coral Reefs, Sand, Inshore, Nearshore

3 - 8 pounds

10" - 24"

Lane Snapper

Also Known As: Mexican Snapper, Redtailed Snapper, Spot Snapper , Candy Striper, Rainbow Snapper, Bream, Godbless, Moonlight Grunt, Pot Snapper, Candy Snapper, Williacke

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Lane Snappers (Lutjanus Synagris) Fish Description

The Lane Snapper is an almond-shaped coral fish that is generally pink-red or silvery-pink with yellow-tipped red fins. Their silver-bottomed bodies have pink and yellow lines extending from end to end like “lanes” or a candy cane. They typically grow to around 14 inches in length, but they’ve occasionally been captured at 20 inches. They have rounded snouts and anal fins, short pectoral fins and a double dorsal fin that ispositioned in the center of the lateral line. Their caudal fin is branched is slightly forked and may be blackish on the outer edges.

Although the Lane Snapper can be found in numerous habitats, they prefer coral reefs and sandy areas that are abundant in vegetation in saltwater. This fish is a carnivore that generally feeds on the ocean floor, with a diet consisting of crabs, mollusks, shrimp and smaller fish.


Interesting Facts about the Lane Snapper

  • The Lane Snapper is known to cross breed with other fish of a similar species
  • Hybridization between Yellowtail Snapper and the Lane Snapper is documented widely and these hybrid species have been caught repeatedly
  • The crossbreeding between these two species of fish suggests that they may be genetically similar than previously thought.
  • Anglers may often refer to the Lane Snapper as a “dessert fish” because it can often find its way into a catch as a bonus when fishing for red snappers and squid



The Lane Snapper is generally found to be between 10 inches and 24 inches long, averaging at about 20 inches in length. They generally weigh in at a minimum of 3lbs and an average of around 7lbs, with the world record catch for the Lane Snapper at a massive 8lb 3oz.