Micropterus Coosae



Stream, River, Ponds, Lakes, Creeks

1 - 8 pounds

9" - 19"

Redeye Bass 

Also Known As: Coosa Bass

Redeye Bass (Micropterus coosae) Fish Description

The Redeye Bass is a popular game fish that lives in freshwaters. As its name pertains, it has red eyes and olive-green in color at the top and has a white belly at the bottom with black horizontal lines along its body. Compared to its other relatives of black basses, the redeye is slender.

This small fish is carnivorous and a top predator to the areas where it lives, it mainly eats insects at the surface and larvae, small fish, and eggs at the bottom of the water.


Interesting Facts About the Redeye Bass

  • This fish is endemic in the waters of South Carolina, but they tend to mate with other species of bass (such as the spotted bass). This interbreeding is reducing the number of their species, making it hard for them to increase their own numbers. As of now, there’s no name for the newly bred species.
  • The redeyes are protective parents. Males usually guard the eggs after spawning.


Size of the Redeye Bass

The Coosa can get as big as 18.5 inches long and as heavy as 8.2 lbs. On average it’s only 9 inches and 1 lb. There is no record of the redeye’s speed, but they’re known for being quick and aggressive which is why anglers like catching them.


Habitat and Distribution of the Redeye Bass

The Redeye Bass can be found in several states in  Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Georgia. Fishings spots for the redeye are located at the Savannah River, Chattooga River, Lake Jocassee, Keowee, Hartwell, and Russell. They live in waters that are shallow with rocky environments and vegetation, such as small to medium-sized creeks, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Their preferred temperature ranges from 62° to 68°F.

A good time to fish for the Coosa is during their spawning season, which is April or June. During this season, they’re usually hungrier and are more active to hunt.


Fishing the Redeye Bass

The Redeye Bass is an ambush predator, they usually hide in underwater trees, rocks, and vegetation. Check the surrounding waters first to figure out the pattern of the fish. They tend to stay behind rocks where the currents are weaker so they can hunt. Check these spots and you will most likely find them hiding in these areas.

It’s fun to fish for redeye bass, they’re really aggressive and are known for the scrappy fights which anglers pursue. Especially if you fly fish them to have that extra challenge. The recommended equipment to have a thrilling battle against this game fish is a 6-foot light rod with a 4 lb monoline. These fish have pretty big mouths, appropriates hook sizes for them would be size 10-8. You can also use bigger hooks with sizes of 1/0 to 2/0 if you want to use bigger live baits like minnows to catch bigger bass.

To catch the attention of the redeye, use lures that look like their meals, such as shrimps, crayfish, and worms. Jigheads are great to use as well, as the noise it makes will attract the fist. They also like to bite lures that are colorful with bushy tails, such as spinners and bucktails.