Ameiurus Catus



Coastal River, Tidal Water

6 - 9 pounds

13" - 24"

White Catfish

Also Known As: Catfish  

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White Catfish (Ameiurus catus) Fish Description

The White Catfish, also known as the White Bullhead, appears blue-black to gray on its back. Unlike the other catfish, the White Catfish has no black blob-looking marking at the base of its dorsal fin. It has a yellowish-white underbelly like its other cousins but has a black adipose fin near its tail. The tail is slightly forked with rounded edges, similarly to the Flathead.

The White Catfish has eight barbels. It has two on its nose, two near its jaw, and finally, four on its chin. On both its dorsal and pectoral fins, it has a spine on the front side of the fins with several rays following after. Their lips are subterminal, making them more suited for bottom-feeding.


White Catfish Diet and Size

White Catfish are bottom feeders. They like feeding on aquatic insects and fish that usually loiter around in the sand. However, White Catfish also consume other crustaceans and aquatic plants.

White Catfish on average are pretty small and can be held in one hand. They usually weigh between half a pound to 2 pounds. But some have found White Catfish weighing 10 lbs.


Interesting Facts about the White Catfish

  • White Catfish are considered the smallest among the North American catfishes.
  • White Catfishes have white chin barbels which are where they most likely got their name from.
  • This type of catfish likes feeding more at night so usually at dusk heading to night time.
    • They’re not completely nocturnal, however.
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