Umbrina Roncador



Coastal Areas, Sandy Shorelines, Harbors

1 - 6 pounds

1" - 22"

Yellowfin Drum 

Also Known As: Croaker  

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Yellowfin Drum Description

The Yellowfin Drum was named because of its yellow pectoral fins and the drum sound it makes. Also known as a Croaker, the Yellowfin Drum also has a blunt head and has an iridescent blue to gray skin. Its underbelly is silvery white. Along the body, it has dark wavy lines streaking its entire side. They also have other names such as the Catalina Croaker, Golden Croaker, or the Yellowtailed Croaker.

It also has a cousin known as the California Croaker. Unlike its cousin, the Yellowfin Drum has a small barbel on its chin and two strong anal spines.


Yellowfin Drum Diet

The Yellowfin Drum prefers eating small fish and fish fry. But it doesn’t mind eating small crustaceans, worms, and mollusks.


Yellowfin Drum Size

As of now, there is no recorded average size. The smallest Yellowfin Drum people have found was less than a pound. Others have found Yellowfin Drums at 2 pounds, 11 ounces. One reported a 20.13-inch Yellowfin Drum but no stated weight. However, someone managed to fish an 18-inch Yellowfin Croaker at 4.5 pounds.

Unlike other fish that base their maturity on years, the Yellowfish Drum bases their maturity on length. The estimated length is currently at 9 inches.


Interesting Facts about the Yellowfin Drum

  • The Yellowfin Drum is a popular catch and quite easy to catch. Because of their preference to lurk by coastlines and harbors, people can catch them in groups. They are often caught by light-tackle surf anglers.
  • Unlike other fish, the Yellowfish Drum prefers traveling in a school rather than solo. Perhaps, this is an adaptive behavior over the years since they are constantly being fished.
  • The Yellowfin Drum got its name due to the drumming sound it makes. When its muscle taps its swim bladder, it makes a distinct drumming sound that could be heard from a good distance.


Yellowfin Drum – Fishing Techniques: How to Fish for a Yellowfin Drum

A lot of people consider catching a Yellowfin Drum a good sport. These fish put up a good fight and go straight for the bait once they see it. It’s also quite a fun fish to catch if one’s the type to fish by the shore. 

What you need to do however is know when to catch a Yellowfin Drum. The Yellowfin Drum is often more abundant between July and September. As a school-type fish, they’re also known to have companions so make sure you have multiple lures in case it ends up snapping due to the fight they put up.

Another time they’re good for the catch is during the summer months especially July and August. They usually lurk around a pier which is why they also have a tendency to get overfished. The Yellowfin Drum move in schools so expects to catch them by the dozen. One line might not even do it. You might even find yourself using multiple lures out of frustration if they snap it off.


Yellowfin Drum Habitat 

Yellowfin Drums often stay by sandy shorelines. They also prefer shallow areas. Areas such as coastlines or any place that is shallow save when it's winter. During winter, they would move deeper into the waters.