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The town of Provincetown can trace its roots way back to the time of the first arrival of Pilgrims in the New World when the Mayflower landed on its shores in 1620. Even before that, Provincetown has been a fishing spot for the various people that call the areas around Cape Cod home - from the Native Americans to even the Vikings settlers - who first came here. Today, the town’s bountiful waters still provide food, employment, and opportunities to both the townspeople and visiting anglers looking to fish here. 

Provincetown, or P-town to its residents, is also a haven for various artists throughout its history. It’s still true today, as the town has many museums dedicated to its artists and history. The town also hosts a carnival as its biggest event, which one should never miss when visiting. Aside from these glamorous attractions, Provincetown also possesses world-class beaches as well as opportunities to get up close and personal with whales and dolphins swimming on its shores. If you’re planning on visiting Cape Cod, then Provincetown shouldn’t be missed. 

Provincetown: Prime Fishing Destination Since Time Immemorial

Being located at the point where Cape Cod meets the Atlantic gives Provincetown plenty of game fish for anglers to catch. Its waters provide various kinds of fish to visiting anglers that you’ll require more than a day to catch most of them. These fish also appear at different times of the year, enticing anglers to return and catch their target fish during their peak seasons. Whether you want to go into the Atlantic’s deep waters or just relax at Provincetown’s harbor, there’s plenty of fish to catch in Provincetown. Some of the most popular fish in Provincetown are the following: 

Bluefish: Often overlooked compared to some of the other fish in the area, bluefish is still a great catch for new or inexperienced anglers. This is because this fish will bite any bait or lure used, thus making it an easy fish to catch. This fish is most common from June to July and October and less common during January to March and December. 

Black sea bass: Another popular fish that’s prized for its meat and the challenge it offers to anglers, the black sea bass is another fish you don’t want to miss in Provincetown. Despite its popularity, its actual presence varies depending on the time you go to Provincetown. It’s available in large numbers from June to August and is closed for fishing from January to April and September to December. 

Bluefin tuna: Provincetown is another area in Cape Cod where you can catch bluefin tuna when they’re in season. This large fish is prized because of its meat and the great challenge it offers when being caught. They’re most common from September to October and less common from January to May and November to December. 

Striped bass: Aside from cod, the striped bass is another common and popular fish found in Cape Cod’s waters. Due to the demand for striped bass, strict regulations are placed on how many you can catch in the area to avoid overfishing. Striped bass are most common from May to July, and it’s less common during December and February. 

Cod: Of course, this won’t be complete without mentioning the cod. This fish gave Cape Cod its name and is common in Provincetown. It is caught primarily in Provincetown for its delicious meat. Cod is so abundant in the area that there’s no closed season for this fish, and it’s common throughout the year. 

Fish species
Bluefish fish

Habitat: Nearshore, Onshore

Weight: 3 - 15 Pounds

Length: 15" - 51"

Bluefin Tuna 
Bluefin Tuna  fish

Habitat: Offshore

Weight: 200 - 600 Pounds

Length: 78" - 180"

Pacific Cod 
Pacific Cod  fish

Habitat: Continent Shelf, Upper Slopes, Deepwater

Weight: 11 - 50 Pounds

Length: 0" - 47"

Black Sea Bass
Black Sea Bass fish

Habitat: Offshore, Onshore, Nearshore, Wreck, Reef

Weight: 2 - 9 Pounds

Length: 10" - 26"

Provincetown: A Seaside Cultural Haven

1.Visit One of the Many Museums

It’s no surprise that a town with such colorful history would have a lot of museums. Provincetown has museums that house both its history and the works of the artists who called this place home. If you’re looking to know more about the country’s history after fishing, this town’s the best place to go. 


2.Go on a Whale and Dolphin Watching Trip

Provincetown also offers opportunities to observe the groups of whales and dolphins that pass by the town. For anglers who wish to see these magnificent animals, go to Provincetown Harbor in Mcmillan Pier and on the Provincetown Marina to catch a trip to see them. 


3.Experience Provincetown’s Carnival

One of P-town’s main attractions, the Provincetown Carnival occurs during Mid-August and is a week-long celebration for the townspeople and tourists alike. It is the town’s biggest event and attracts many visitors to see it. It consists of parades, food stalls, displays, and many more events. It is an event that must be seen at least once if you love visiting the Cape Cod area. 


4.Relaxing at Race Point Beach

For those of you who want to go to the beach after a day’s worth of fishing, then Provincetown’s Race Point Beach is the perfect place for you. This beach won a 2015 Traveller’s Choice Award and is on the top 10 beaches in the world. So if you want to relax and lounge on a world-class beach, why go to the Bahamas when there’s one in Provincetown?

Fishing Techniques
Light Tackle
Light Tackle
Heavy Tackle Fishing
Heavy Tackle Fishing