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As one of the country’s top tourist destinations, San Diego would have everything you need to have the perfect vacation. Anyone who’s been here will tell you of the city’s warm and inviting weather, the picturesque sceneries, and the plethora of fun things to do here. But it’s more than these actually. It’s the friendly people and the overall laid-back atmosphere that can soothe a tired soul. From world-class accommodations with top-tier facilities and possibly the best views of the Pacific to the fun activities and attractions you can enjoy with your family and friends—San Diego is definitely a must for holidaymakers

San Diego, CA: Why It Is One of America’s Best Fishing Cities

Catalina Island CA

Field and Stream Magazine, one of the oldest and most respected outdoor recreational sports publications, ranked the city of San Diego 2nd in the magazine’s "America's Best Fishing Cities” list. When you look at a map, it’s really not surprising given the city’s easy access to different bodies of water—from lakes and reservoirs to the bay and the Pacific Ocean—that are teeming with marine life. Speaking of marine life, San Diego is an angler’s dream fishing spot because of the number of fish species a pro or a beginner can catch here, including Barracuda, California Corbina, California Sheephead, Mahi-mahi, Halibut, Lingcod, Marlin, Tuna, Seabass, Sharks, and so much more. Ask a San Diego fishing charter where you can catch these fish species and they’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Because the city is surrounded by different types of bodies of water, you can scratch your fishing itch however which way you want—from pier fishing, surf fishing, kayak fishing, spearfishing, and charter fishing. Top fishing locations in San Diego include Mission Bay, San Diego Bay, La Jolla Beach, Coronado Island, and Catalina and San Clemente Islands.  

And the best part about San Diego fishing is that you can pretty much cast your line here any time you want, thanks to the all-year-round warm weather.

If you’re looking to tick a true deep-sea monster like Tunas, Marlins, and Sharks off your bucket list, we highly recommend the dozens of San Diego fishing charters offered around the city. Not only will they take you to best fishing spots in the Pacific, but the seasoned fishing boat captains and their crew will also make sure you will get the best fishing experience of your life!

Fish species
Bullet Tuna 
Bullet Tuna  fish

Habitat: circumtropical

Weight: 2 - 4 Pounds

Length: 8" - 20"

Common Dolphinfish
Common Dolphinfish fish

Habitat: Offshore

Weight: 15 - 30 Pounds

Length: 40" - 83"

Striped Marlin
Striped Marlin fish

Habitat: Onshore

Weight: 417 - 440 Pounds

Length: 137" - 165"

Barracuda fish

Habitat: Nearshore, Offshore, Reef, Wreck

Weight: 5 - 15 Pounds

Length: 24" - 39"

Top 3 Things to Do In San Diego, CA

San Diego Zoo Orangutan

Aside from the scenic beaches and the world-class accommodations, San Diego boasts a number of attractions and activities anyone would surely enjoy. Here are three things you surely wouldn’t want to miss: 

  1. Charter fishing - the year-round warm weather, the numerous fishing locations, and the number of fish you can catch here will you give you an idea why it’s named one of "America's Best Fishing Cities”.
  2. San Diego Zoo - you want to know why this is the most popular zoo in the world? Well, maybe its 4,000 animal residents can tell you why. 
  3. USS Midway Museum - this museum is located at Embarcadero’s Navy Pier and it’s where you can go on board an actual aircraft carrier. How cool is that?

San Diego is popularly known as “America’s Finest City” for a reason. If you’ve been here before, then you’re probably thinking of going back. If you haven’t, then you definitely should pay a visit soon!

Fishing Techniques
Surf Casting
Surf Casting
Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing