Snook Fishing in Florida

Snook is one of the most popular game fish in Florida. While snook are known for their exciting fight, they’re also delicious to eat.

Snook Fishing in Florida
Snook Fishing in Florida
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May 21, 2020, 2 min read

Updated on May 22, 2020

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Florida Fishing Snook Fishing in Florida

Snook is one of the most popular game fish in Florida. While snook are known for their exciting fight, they’re also delicious to eat. They belong to the Centropomidae family, which consists of 12 closely related species that live in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The biggest of these species is believed to be the black snook, which is found only on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. They are fast and smart, so they need to be fished with stealth and accuracy. Snook are ambush predators and prefer to hide and wait until prey comes within their hearing and location for an explosive bite that occurs in the blink of an eye.

Physical description

Snook are amphidromous fish and are easily recognized due to their unique sloping forehead, extended body, protruding lower jaw, and concave snout. They can also be identified by their famous black lateral line, which extends to their caudal fin. Ranging from 0.14 to 140 cm in length, snook can weigh up to 53 pounds. Females are usually bigger than males. Their color varies from dark brown to pale gray with a yellow to green color on the dorsal surface. The ventral surface is generally white, and the side surface tends to be silver. The pelvic fins, pectoral fin, the dorsal lobe of the caudal fin, all are yellow and bright in color, but some varieties are much darker.


Snook Fishing

Snook fishing is one of the best saltwater fishing experiences for any angler, particularly when fishing for snook in Florida, USA. Getting a good snook fishing guide is the best way to start with. A seven-foot fast-action spinning rod and a similar reel with a smooth drag is the best versatile rod and reel combination for snook. They can position themselves anywhere, from strong current to cover such as underwater structure, bridge pilings, and docks. Freelining live bait in the current can lead to a sudden strike, and that is exactly where the fun starts. Snook are roving creatures and generally move in groups. Regardless of the season, snook have one undeniable feature: they like to eat.


Bait Choices

Live bait, especially sardines, pinfish, mullet, crabs, and grunts are the most effective bait for targeting snook. You can also catch them with artificial bait that imitates their live forage in the area. Grunts are the best bait for snook; they are caught on grassy flats. The sounds of this small fish are like dinner bells for hungry snook, and if you can locate and catch them, they can help you land those trophy snook when all else fails. However, shrimp are easier to acquire, and they are as effective as any live bait. Be careful when fishing for snook in Florida; it’s addictive, and your first tour could have you planning your next in quick succession! Therefore, make sure to schedule a day of snook fishing on your next Florida vacation.

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