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May 14, 2020

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Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

What is deep sea fishing? This kind of fishing is when you hit the open ocean and must have at least 30 meters of depth beneath you to chase the bigger fish that typically live and migrate offshore. You will also hear interchangeable terms for ‘deep sea fishing’ like, sport, offshore, or big game fishing.

While deep sea fishing is typically not for the casual angler, there are plenty of easy-going options out there, like party boat fishing, to get started. Deep sea fishing typically requires more knowledge and attention to detail than other fishing types to get started.

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What to Expect When Deep Sea Fishing

When you set out on a guided deep-sea fishing excursion, you usually will venture out in one of two ways- party boat fishing and charters. The main difference here is whether you want (or can afford) a private experience or not. Party boat fishing allows for anyone to join on a first come, first serve basis with a fishing capacity. So you will be fishing with other groups throughout the boat. For a more personalized trip experience, charters allow you to have your own charter boat for yourself or your group with an experienced guide to take you to the right spots.

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When the boat takes off, make sure to listen carefully to your captain and crew. They will tell you all the details, where to find gear and safety equipment, and how to rig your rod for newbies. When you hit the open water, find your spot along the rail and get settled, remember to hook your live bait only right before you cast.

Fun Fact: On party boat fishing (and maybe your charter if your group is into a little competition), you might be asked to enter a jackpot. People will be asked to put in money (normally $5 - $10), and whoever has the biggest catch of the day gets to keep the money in the jackpot.

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Deep Sea Fishing Tips

  1. Live Fish and Bait- If you are fishing with live fish or bait, change it often! Keep that bait fresh to consistently attract fish.

  2. Motion Sickness- Being out on the ocean is different than just lake boating. Some people might have a negative reaction to the rocking of the boat. It pays to be prepared- it doesn’t hurt to have a few motion sickness medications in your backpack.

  3. Reef Fishing- If you have the option to go near a reef for fishing, give it a try. Reefs are homes to tons of smaller fish, where big game fish can lurk for their prey. CHA-CHING!

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  1. Trust Your Guide- Whether you are on a charter or party boat, your captain / guide knows the waters and more importantly, when it is time to move on to a better spot! Find the right expert first, and trust what he has for you.

  2. Sun Protection – The sun is strong out on the water. Bring that sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat.

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