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May 21, 2020

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Heavy Tackle Fishing

Heavy Tackle Fishing

The biggest, baddest, and meanest fish in the world do not come easy. And for the handful of anglers in the world that dare to go after them, heavy-duty gear is a necessity. For heavy tackle anglers, it’s not just about looking tough; this equipment is designed to be durable and last the long and hard fights.

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What is Heavy Tackle Fishing?

Heavy tackle is not a unique fishing technique but more about the type of gear an angler chooses to use- the heavy-duty gear. It all comes down to the type of fish an angler is going after, not just going straight for the 100 lb test line. For smaller fish, adequate equipment can range from 20-25 lb test. But many sea beasts that anglers dream of chasing, fish that can weigh over a thousand pounds, can require well beyond 100 lb test line.

Heavy Tackle Gear

Heavy tackle gear is exactly how it sounds- big reels, strongest of strong lines, and heavy-duty rods. With big gear comes big hooks and rigs as well. When you think about, if you are going after a monster fish like a goliath grouper, you need that whole big bait. Baits can even add up to an additional 30 pounds on your line, depending on what you are going after.

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The bottom line is that if you are up for the task, heavy tackle fishing is not for the faint of heart, but it can yield rewarding payoffs: the biggest fish in the sea.