Burrows Bay

Skagit County, Washington.

Burrows Bay ends in Anacortes, Washington.

3 feet (1 meters)

6971712.40 miles (11219886.99 sq kilometers)

About The Burrows Bay

Burrows Bay is a Bay located in Skagit County, WA. Starting in the Burrows Bay has a total surface area of 4332020.8 miles. The Burrows Bay has an elevation of 3 feet. Find maps, fishing guides and recreation info at Guidesly.

About Burrows Bay, WA

Burrows Bay is an inlet with an elevation of about 3 ft. The water body can be found in Washington, specifically situated west of Fidalgo Island and Alexander Beach, and it is also near Young Island and the island with which it shares the same name, Burrows Island.

Just like many other water bodies in the United States, Burrows Bay was not always the name that it had.

Throughout history, many European explorers have charted through the island which led to the bay bearing many names. In 1792, for instance, the bay was named “Islas Morros” when it was first charted by Spanish explorers Valdez and Galiana. Around fifty years later, particularly in 1841, the bay would be visited again by another European. This time, British Explorer Wilkes would then go on to name the water body after the Argus ship which was an essential vessel during the war of 1812. While naming the bay, Wilkes would also then name the island near the bay, bestowing upon it the title of “Burrows Island” in honor of Lieutenant William Burrows who was also an essential figure in the war of 1812. It was in 1860 when the bay would then again be renamed -- this time, by George H. Richards, another British explorer. 

Burrows Bay Fishing Description