Gravesend Bay

Kings County, New York.

Gravesend Bay ends in Brooklyn, New York.

2408332.44 miles (3875836.57 sq kilometers)

About The Gravesend Bay

About Gravesend Bay, NY

Gravesend Bay is connected to Coney Island Creek and Sheepshead Bay in New York, making up Coney Island, a beach and boardwalk. Moreover, the bay is the “connecting tool” for natural and artificial projects that coexist within the area--located between Brooklyn and Staten Island, and opening into the Lower New York Bay. Gravesend Bay, located 8.5 miles from East New York, is known to be the “lesser loved body of water” because this was once a land of sandhill dunes turned into oil-saturated trash marsh, but now this is also one of the scenic places around New York.

Alongside Belt Parkway and Verrazano Bridge--one of the largest suspension bridges globally, there is an amusement park surrounding Gravesend Bay known as the Bensonhurst park and promenade. Furthermore, Gravesend Bay is famous for its community of recreational anglers. The activities within the bay, such as fishing, improve the mental and physical health of the community from the experience of the bay being a land of sandhill dunes to trash marsh.

Kings county has various leisure attractions such as parks like Prospect Park, Coney Island, and Floyd Bennett Field. In addition, one of the recreational activities available here is boat racing which is one of the best activities around.  

Gravesend Bay Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Gravesend Bay, NY

Gravesend Bay is an estuary--connecting to the ocean; this is where fresh water and saltwater meet. Therefore, it provides essential support for fish and marine species. One of the marine species active in visiting the bay is the bottlenose dolphin, especially during when it’s time for their migratory season; seals are more active than the dolphins, they are easier to find. When it comes to fish, the most popular species seen here are bluefish, summer flounder, and striped bass; pink dentex, sunfish, catfish, dusky smooth-hound, blue skate, starry ray, and albacore are also here in Gravesend Bay.

If you are interested in fishing in Gravesend Bay, the top gears that anglers recommend are spinning rod, bait rig, deceivers, and surf rod. These will help you catch the notable fish species in the bay, especially the bluefish. Additionally, it is better to use longer casts to find bigger fish, but regular gears will do. Prospect Park Lake, Hudson River, Atlantic Basin are fishing spots near Gravesend Bay. 

Gravesend Bay Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

In fishing at Gravesend Bay, the most important thing to note is the water temperature because the behavior of fish will depend on this. Coldwater means that fish are inactive, and if the water is too hot, the fish will also be inactive--it is essential to know first the water situation if you want to catch a handful of fish. The bay is ideal for fishing when the weather is calm so that fish species are also calm. To be more specific with the best catch in different seasons, the best catches here are bass, sole, and silver eels during warmer months. During colder months, cod and whiting are the ideal fish to catch. 

Temperature and Optimal Season