Long Bayou

Pinellas County, Florida.

Long Bayou ends in Bay Pines, Florida.

2270581.62 miles (3654148.04 sq kilometers)

About The Long Bayou

Long Bayou, FL

You can have a great fishing experience in Pinellas County, Florida. Long Bayou is always waiting for anglers to come and join water-based activities. It is a watershed that stretches over 43.9 square miles, and within it is a bay that is a great spot for casting a line. It is only 1.3 miles away from Bay Pines. Others may also refer to Long Bayou as Boca Ciega Bayou and Fourmile Bayou.

Other than fishing, boating and water sports can also be enjoyed in the area.  The Pinellas peninsula is packed with sights for every high-spirited adventurer. Long Bayou and its calm tides are also a breathtaking view for those who also want to stroll along the hiking-biking trail.

Long Bayou’s waters have, however, been recently considered impaired due to fecal coliform which is a form of the bacterium from warm-blooded animals. It is best to stay within parts considered safe. Should anyone come in contact with contaminated water, wash rigorously with soap and water to avoid having any infection. 

Long Bayou Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Long Bayou, FL

If you love big catches, Long Bayou has a variety for you. You can take a hold of the common snook, red drum, black drum, sheepshead seabream, largemouth bass, Florida pompano, and gafftopsail sea catfish. The common snook is one of the largest snook, and can be challenging to catch. They can be quite unpredictable as their behavior would rely heavily o