Penn Cove

Island County, Washington.

Penn Cove ends in Coupeville, Washington.

7862672.35 miles (12653748.48 sq kilometers)

About The Penn Cove

About Penn Cove, WA

Situated in Whidbey Island and found two hours away from the northern region of Seattle, Washington, Penn Cove holds strong ecological and economic importance for those living on the island. This is because the sheltered inlet has served as the headquarters for Penn Cove Shellfish, the biggest commercial shellfish and mussel farm.

Although originally inhabited by the Lower Skagit Tribe, Penn Cove became a settlement for farmers and sea captains later in the 1850s leading to the commercialization of the area.

While many people have been benefiting from the commercialization of Penn Cove and the rise of the shellfish and mussel farm industry, the marine life in Penn Cove may be experiencing the opposite, especially as the industry has posed a threat to it due to the poor farming practices being conducted in the area. Along with that, scientists have also listed septic tanks, stormwater runoffs, and limited circulation of the inlet due to its shallow characteristic as other possible reasons for its poor water quality when they officially announced to the public that Penn Cove was polluted in 2005.

After such an announcement though, action for a solution was not done right away. In fact, Penn Cove would continue to be exposed to such threats for the next couple of years. One such threat was the oil spill and vessel fire that occurred in 2012. These events had thoroughly endangered the marine life in the sheltered inlet which then led local authorities, the commercialized farms, and people to finally take action.

Today, with the water body’s improvement, Penn Cove has also become a well-known recreational boating and fishing ground.

Penn Cove Fishing Description