Possession Sound

Snohomish County, Washington.

Possession Sound ends in Everett, Washington.

86515620.32 miles (139233437.54 sq kilometers)

About The Possession Sound

About Possession Sound, WA

Possession Sound is an inlet located in the American state of Washington that measures about nine nanometers (9 nm) in length and an estimate of three to six nanometers (3-6 nm) in width. Though it is large with its given measurement, the water body is actually only a small part of the bigger Puget Sound bay which has been regarded as an icon in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, considering especially that it is the second-largest estuary in the country. Aside from being a part of Puget Sound, Possession Sound also plays a role in connecting it to Port Susan situated in the north and Saratoga Passage located in the south.

Possession Sound’s history with America goes back a long way. It was in 1792 when the inlet was first explored by George Vancouver, a British officer of the Royal Navy. After he had conquered land in America, he decided to host a possession ceremony in the area in honor of the birthday of then King George III. The event eventually led to the bay being named “Possession Sound”.

Possession Sound Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Possession Sound, WA

Possession Sound is a water body with nutrient-filled waters that act as its natural filter. This natural filter is the reason why the inlet’s ecosystem is well-balanced and why it has been able to exhibit itself as a great home for big populations of plants and marine species, particularly