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Inviting guests to book fishing trips can happen anywhere, and sometimes having guests create a Guidesly account isn’t the fastest way to quickly get them booked. That’s where POS comes in- a place where guides can manually input bookings, get guest contact information, and charge a deposit. POS is fantastic for unique bookings like phone bookings and takes your calendar into account for a smooth transaction between you and your guest. When new guests are inputted via POS they automatically are entered in your contacts, so further marketing to guests can occur even faster. Let’s go over what POS is and how it can help you.

The Basics- What is POS? 

POS stands for Point of Sale and is where your customer will exchange their payment and contact information for the service you provide- in this case, they’ll put their deposit down on a fishing trip. Understanding how to use the POS feature is super helpful to guides in any situation where guests don’t book on the Guidesly platform. For example, if you have your phone number listed on your personal website for guests to call you and inquire about fishing trips you can input all their information over the phone and get them booked. Similarly, if guests email you looking for information or even if you meet a future guest in person that wants to book a trip, POS is your best bet. These bookings are also updated on your calendar, so you can continue using our calendar as your primary calendar for everything you do. 

Adding a POS 

Now that you understand the functions of POS, let’s practice adding in a new booking.  

Getting to the POS screen on Web: 

  • Click on your name in the top right and in the drop-down menu, hit ‘Guidesly Pro.’ 
  • On the green banner that now is on ‘My Home,’ navigate to ‘Bookings.’ 
  • In the top right, click on the blue ‘+ Add New POS’ button.
Click the blue ‘+Add New POS’ button to get started.

Getting to the POS screen on Mobile: 

  • Open your app and click ‘Guide’ in the bottom right corner. 
  • Click the fourth icon in the first row- it is called ‘Add POS’ and has a picture of a cash register. 
How to choose your trip date and rate card.

Adding a Booking 

  • First, click on the calendar and choose a trip date.  
  • Next, select which rate card you would like to offer the guest. 
    • Each detailed rate card shows important details such as the boat, targeted fish, and rate card name. If you have chosen to make certain rate cards unavailable on certain days, this will reflect based off which date you have chosen. To select a card, hit the blue ‘Select trip’ button.
Choosing a time availability.
  • Time availabilities- Choose the duration of the trip and what time it begins for your guest- prices for the full trips are visible here.


  • Guest details- If you know a guest has booked with you before, there is no need to re enter all their information. 
    • Search either the returning guest's name or phone number in the top right corner and click your guest. All their information will auto populate, and you can hit the blue ‘Next’ button. 
    • If this is a new guest, input their full name, phone number, email address, guest amount, and meeting place and hit the blue ‘Next’ button.
  • Payment details- Input the guest's full credit or debit card numbers. 
    • At the bottom of the screen, you can see the total trip costs, what is charged today, and what will be charged on the day of the trip. Hit the blue ‘Next’ button.’ 
  • Confirmation- Your trip is confirmed! You will see all booking information on this page and will also get an in-app notification. Your guest will now receive an email detailing all aspects of the trip. 
The trip is confirmed!