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After each fishing trip, your guests will be prompted to leave a review. These reviews are a great way to not only get some honest feedback, but also to showcase how great of a guide you were to other future prospective guests. Reviews can be viewed both in Guidesly Pro and at the bottom of your public guide profile where guests can see. Utilizing your reviews can help you improve as a guide and also seem more reputable to future guests that are inquiring about booking your services.

Pinning Reviews 

As a guide, you are likely to get plenty of great reviews. However, some reviews may showcase skills that you are a little bit extra proud of. You can pick and choose which reviews to highlight and they will appear at the top of your public reviews list. To pin reviews, make sure you have ‘Ratings and Reviews’ as a live widget. If you don't have this widget yet, request it and come back here when it is available. 

Here’s how to pin reviews:

  • To view your reviews, click on ‘Widgets’ in the top of the page.
  • Click the blue ‘Manage’ button on your live ‘Ratings and Reviews’ widget. A sample review is shown below.
  • Click the black push pin icon to the right to pin this review to the top of your profile.
  • When activated, the push pin will turn blue.

This will now be the top review showcased on your guide profile.

-Review Updates- 

October 2021 

  • Pick your favorite reviews and pin them at the top of your guide profile- choose which reviews stand out to you!