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Company > News > Discovery Shark Week 2020 Lineup

Team Guidesly

calendar28 July 2020

Discovery Shark Week 2020 Lineup

Shark Week… a favorited Discovery event loved by people across the world! As we gear up to the first day of this epic series, August 9th, the schedule for Shark Week has been revealed. With over 20 hours of shark programming spanning across 7 days, 2020 finally gives us something to look forward to. Across the globe, from Australia to South Africa and New Zealand, new shark stories await…


Shark Week 2020 is going all out with BIG NAME Celebrities like Mike Tyson, Will Smith, Shaq, and Snoop Dogg. “This year, the pop culture phenomenon will take viewers to oceans around the world revealing phenomenal insights into the mysterious world of these brilliant creatures.”

Mike Tyson will be going head to head with sharks in the special Tyson Vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef. As big waves hit the media of the pro boxer’s return, he teams up with Discovery’s Shark Week and will ‘square off underwater’ with a variety of sharks, including the blacktip reef shark. "And don’t worry, no sharks were harmed (or bitten) in the making of this episode."

In a more modern and interesting take, Shark Lockdown will give investigative the effects COVID-19 has had on our oceans and its inhabitants. While this pandemic has taken the world by storm, many people haven’t given consideration to the effects it is had on the oceans of the world. Shark Lockdown will show us how COVID-19 has impacted our ferocious, underwater friends.

In true, Shaquille O’Neal fashion, this gentle giant will walk us through which shark has the perfect predatory attack. While Will Smith and Snoop Dogg also have separate features, meeting with experts and investigating the deep dark that surrounds crazy shark encounters.