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calendarAugust 24, 2020

EXTRA, EXTRA! - Fishing is “In the News”

While many of us enjoy casting a line just for the fun of it, it may surprise you to learn that recreational fishing is a popular topic for a wide range of top media outlets.

From network news programming, to series on cable TV, and even articles in influential newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the New York Times --- stories on fishing and those who love to fish are frequent, and widely enjoyed.

Beyond watching sensational (yet phenomenally popular) programming like The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week or any of the segments from shows from The World Fishing Network, it’s proof positive that fishing is one of American’s favorite past times.

So, if COVID-19 still has you stuck at home, don’t despair!

In addition to visiting the growing collection of fishing articles on and entertaining videos posted from our Twitter account, you can read or watch a veritable boatload of fish stories just a click away, from your smart phone, tablet, or laptop).

Here are stories from four major media outlets that caught our attention:

The Wall Street Journal

In Patagonia, a Master Class in Fly-Fishing (Beginners Welcome) Written by a fishing neophyte, this March 2020 article begins with this catchy first sentence: “A WEEK UNLIKE  any of the other 3,000 or so I have spent on Earth began as a birthday surprise from my wife.” After spending a week on a remote river in one of the world’s bucket list fishing destinations (Argentina’s Patagonia), this newbie says he’s “ready to join the cult.”

Washington Post

Casting about for a pandemic-friendly pastime? Eight reasons to consider fly-fishing. In her July 2020 article on a smart recreation in the age of “social distancing” Heather Balough Rochfort consulted fishing guides in California , Colorado, and Montana for some of their thoughts on why people should look into fly fishing as an activity to consider (including its relative affordability, return to tradition, and mental health benefits).

CBS This Morning

Fly fishing: What is it, and why is it so popular? In this beautifully filmed TV segment, Jeff Glor of CBS News visited the New York’s Catskill Mountains (the birthplace of American fly fishing) and spent some time chatting with Peter Kaminsky (author of Fishing for Dummies) and with 94-year old Joan Wulff, who’s been catching fish for over nine decades Click here to watch the 5-minute program.

Written by Alexandra Marvar and published in the Style section of the New York Times on October 14, 2019 – the author proclaims “Step aside, goat yoga. The chic way to unwind now is fly fishing.” Long considered a sport dominated by old white men, Maravar details why fly fishing is gaining popularity with a younger and more diverse following.

What’s driving millennials new-found enthusiasm for hitting the stream?

According to those she spoke to: “a reason to be outdoors, a closer connection to nature, an avenue for environmentalism, built-in community, opportunity for creative expression, and a lifetime’s worth of niche expertise.”
This is a good read.

We’d love to hear more good stories. Let us know what you’ve seen!