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calendarJune 22, 2020
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Welcome to Guidesly — A Word from David Lord, our Founder and CEO

I have been a passionate lifelong angler who loves fly fishing. One thing I have learned over the years and traveling to new areas, nothing makes that experience better than a first-rate guide!

A fishing trip with a trusted Guide will help you find the best fishing locations nearby, learn local techniques and fish species, and help you catch more fish, as they tell you how “wonderful” they are.

Nothing can match the feeling of being in a peaceful setting, surrounded by nature, and the sun sparkling over rushing water. Looking back to my youth, I have fond memories of going fishing with my Dad, getting up early in the morning, hiking to a stream or heading to the ocean -- always coming back tired, soggy, and fulfilled whether we had a good day’s catch, or not!. Lots of laughs and happy times that I remember as if they took place yesterday. In the 40+ years since I first cast a line into the water, going fishing has always brought me meaning, and a chance to share precious time with family and friends.

Having launched and built several successful internet/mobile companies over the past two decades, two years ago a compelling thought came to mind: wouldn’t it be great if I could apply my passion for fishing to a mobile, web-based business that would help others to get outdoors, and onto the water.

That initial thought was the inspiration that led to the creation of Guidesly, a mission-driven company whose online service and mobile applications can bring the joy of being one with nature to everyone. At Guidesly we are focused on providing guides a great set of products to run their business and tools for enthusiasts to master their craft.

Working together with a talented team of other internet professionals and veteran fishing experts, we’re excited to announce the launch of Guidesly, an online service designed to bring fishing enthusiasts and trusted guides together in a uniquely beneficial way! While the current COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on when, how, and with whom people can fish – those seeking responsible outdoor recreation will find Guidesly an easy way to book time with proven fishing guides who can deliver exceptional outings on the water.

Guides: Join us today. As pandemic regulations/safety restrictions have hampered your ability to find customers and go fishing with them, now’s a great time to get ready for a return to normalcy, an IDEAL time to sign up (for free) as a registered guide on Guidesly at Become a Guide.

Anglers: It’s time for YOU too! These anxious times won’t last forever, and states across the country have begun to open up. What better way to prepare to get back on the water for some fishing fun than to sign up at

Look forward to seeing you there!

Welcome to Guidesly!!