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Congratulations on your first Guidesly Booking!  The next step is to reach out to the guest to confirm you saw the booking and open a line of communication.


The Guidesly Pro App makes this fast and simple!

  1. Open the App and click the button titled “Bookings”
    Here you will see a list of all your Upcoming Bookings.
  2. Click into the new Booking, then click “Guest” at the top of the screen.
    You will see details of the trip, including guest name and their contact information.
  3. From here, can begin a Call or Text by clicking the guest’s Phone number or by clicking the SMS symbol to open a new text.  You can also view the guest’s email address here and send an email if you choose.

Please note: While the ability to send in-App messages to guests within the app is coming soon, we ask that Guide’s always call or SMS text guests to confirm new bookings.