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We came up with the SuperGuide program to reward guides who take advantage of all the features the Pro app offers. It’s free to be a SuperGuide, and after meeting a few basic requirements, you can gain access to a number of benefits intended to boost your business!

Guide Benefits: These benefits were designed to provide you with an opportunity to grow your business and revenue.

  1. SuperGuide Badge: We will differentiate your profile with the SuperGuide Badge and provide priority listings. Airbnb reported that their Super Hosts improved bookings by 80% and improved revenue per day available by 60%
  2. Priority Placement: You receive preferred banner placement on content pages.
  3. Search Visibility: We provide increased visibility and search results.
  4. Gear: You have access to more discounted and free gear.
  5. Products: You can preview and comment on new features and product releases, influencing Guidesly’s product and direction.

Guide Requirements: Gaining SuperGuide status and the ensuing benefits is meant to be easy! Just keep providing customers with a great experience and engage with the fishing community.

  1. Booking - 20 trips a year on Guidesly
  2. Reviews - Average review over 4.5 stars
  3. Response - Must respond to all guest inquiries (>90%)
  4. Guest Reviews - 75% of guests must provide at least a star review
  5. Social - At least two fishing reports and two social posts per month