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30 April 2021

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Are UV Fly Tying Kits Really Worth It? What are They?

Are UV Fly Tying Kits Really Worth It? What are They?

Some hardcore fly anglers don’t just stop with the art of fly fishing. They even go as far as creating their flies. Fly tying is creating an artificial fly,  using resins or epoxy to hold their made flies. Before, the common material used to tie the fly was cement head. But all the rave right now is the ultraviolet resins. The idea is that fish will find them faster, which increases your chances of catching a fish. The UV fly resins come in three thin, thick, and ultra-thin varieties. 

UV Light

UV resins have changed the way anglers tie their flies. Many have had problems with the right amount of mixture for their epoxy. It was a long process, too, and they weren’t sure if it would work. Some even relied on luck for it to work. Because of this unreliability, there were many instances when epoxy ruined the eyes of their flies or other materials. Then the UV glue came along and made life easier for everyone. From mixing epoxy for minutes, anglers can now finish attaching their flies within seconds. 

UV resin for flies is all the rage for fly anglers. For one, it’s enjoyable to create your fly. You can use various colors of threads and combine them with the UV glue that can be colored to make your fly more attractive to you and the fish. Using UV resin isn’t just hype; it’s backed by science. Humans don’t see ultraviolet light, but fish like trout and walleye do. So not only is it faster to make flies with UV glues but adding them onto your flies makes it more alluring for the fish. That’s why some fish have UV light-emitting capabilities with their bodies, such as the anglerfish. Some fish use UV to communicate as well, though the intensity of how a fish sees UV light varies. So, it’s better to check if the fish you’re after can see UV.

Fly-making companies recently have been selling the UV glues in kits. The kits’ prices range from $60 to $80. What you get from these kits is a UV Cure aside from the UV fly resins. The UV Fly Tying Kit includes UV Clear Fly Finish Thick, Thin and the brand new, ultra-thin Flow, and a UV Bench Light. They provide you all the UV resin to mold your flies with these kits.


How To Apply Your UV Fly Kit



One thing to remember is that UV glues don't dry; they cure. That means they don’t shrink when they harden, unlike head cement or other epoxies. That’s one of the benefits of using UV glue. You don’t need to guess how much resin you need to apply for your flies.

First, tie your fly materials/thread around the hook. Usually, the color is green or orange, but it depends on how you want it to look. Feel free to use a color that you think is effective. Once you’re satisfied with the shape of your fly, put UV glue where the eye would be, or you can encase the whole body with resin too. The glue can be colored, depending on how you would like it to be. After using the resin, use the UV flashlight to cure. Make sure to cover the gaps of the eyes or any part of the body. You can fill the eyes with UV glue of popper heads or fish skulls to make the eyes glow if you want. 

Enveloping the whole body of your fly with UV glue makes the body more durable and thus makes it reusable. Not only you can use UV glue on flies, but some have used them on the stripes of their jigs to make them more enticing. 

If you’re worried that you’ll run out of UV glue fast, well, you don’t have to put UV material all over your fly lure. You can also select the areas where you want to use it. Common places are the head, cheeks, eyes, or fly's back. All you need is a tiny amount. That’s why anglers usually use cement head epoxy for the head or the base of the body to save materials and to save money as well.

To amplify your ultraviolet usage, you can use materials UV multiflash for your flies. UV multiflash are multicolored threads that glisten. Adding UV multiflash can help pop the colors of your fly, especially if you use a color that is more UV reactive, such as chartreuse, which walleye, pike, or bass love. The same can be done with white, gold, or silver.  


The Verdict


The use of UV tying kits is worth it, especially if you want to catch a fish that can see UV light. It’s been scientifically tested and it’s versatile. It all depends on what kind of fish that you are trying to catch. You can use these UV fly tying kits on other lures as well, not just with flies. Any serious angler would want the best materials to increase their chances of getting fish, whether from freshwater or by sea. Using UV kits for your flies may help you with your fly fishing experience.