October 8, 2021

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Best Swimbait to Catch Bass

Best Swimbait to Catch Bass

Bass comes in many different shapes and sizes. Averaging weights of up to 22 lbs and can measure anywhere from 15” to 32”, these fish can be quite the tough fighters. They can also be found in almost every freshwater resource in the United States. All of these make bass arguably the most popular game fish for sports fishing enthusiasts.  But as many variables factor in when maximizing efficiency, different anglers have different methods in catching them. There are many variations of rods, reels, and tackles that can be used in any combination in order to suit the needs of the angler. When talking about lures that can be used, swimbait is one of the most popular options. 

Swimbait was introduced during the 1980s as rainbow trout imitations that Southern California-located largemouth and striped bass were known to prey on. Today there are two types of swimbait, namely the hard-body and soft-body variations; hard-body being made of wood or plastic and soft-body, made out of rubber and softer plastic. Swimbait appeals to the bass’ sight as it takes advantage of looking like bait fish. Oftentimes these lures are best used in clearer waters. There are also differences in weighted and buoyant lures that work in deeper or shallower waters, respectively. 

Top 5 Best Swimbait for Catching Bass

1. Storm Arashi Glide Bait

Developed as a partnership between Arashi and pro bass angler, Brandon Palaniuk, these lures were made specifically to catch the biggest bass. This two-piece type glide bait weighs 3 ⅛ oz with a length of 7.5”. They come in four different colors, the oikawa mesu, rainbow trout, threadfin shad, and black silver shad. They can also accommodate two hooks. In terms of weight, they stand in the middle where they’re light enough to be thrown in long stretches of time and heavy enough to land in long distances. According to Arashi, these glide bait sinks at a rate o