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May 15, 2021

Focus on Fishing, Not the Mosquitoes

Focus on Fishing, Not the Mosquitoes

Fishing is an outdoor sport. And because it’s outdoors, you’re bound to get pestered—the most common pest to deal with while fishing is the mosquito. Small, fast, and zipping back and forth, mosquitoes are both deadly and annoying.


Mosquitoes: What are they?

Mosquitoes are among the most annoying members of the Diptera species of insects. They zip around and have stingers that can leave bumps (or “bites”) on your skin. If you don’t disinfect those bites right away, you’ll be scratching for a long time. When mosquitoes bite, they suck up your blood and replace it with saliva. Since their saliva is a foreign object, your body’s immune system reacts to it by sending the white blood cells to counter it before it poisons you.

Mosquitoes are known for carrying many forms of diseases. One of the terrifying ones would be malaria. Many people mistake malaria for a virus when it’s actually parasitic in nature. The female mosquito, the only one that bites, carries a parasite known as the Plasmodium parasites. They then fill your bloodstream and cause multiple organ failures, spontaneous bleeding, fever, chills, and a variety of other things. And to think, there are five variations of this disease.

Despite them being fast fliers, mosquitoes are incapable of handling rushing water. Mosquitoes love tranquil lagoons. They don’t like bodies of water that are constantly rushing because it destroys their eggs. That’s why anglers who fly fish by rivers may find themselves constantly under attack. In contrast, those who do surf casting on the beach don’t. The salinity does play a part, but the speed of the current does more. 

How do you stop them then? How do you keep them away? How do you protect yourself? 


Ways to Drive Away Mosquitoes


Mosquito Repellent

Citronella is the poster plant and ingredient for creating mosquito repellants. The oils and juices from the citronella plant are acidic in nature which ward off mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cannot tolerate acidic or citric scents. However, mosquito repellent isn’t permanent. As time passes, your sweat will start mixing with the repellent and eventually wash it off. Some people say mosquito repellents last up to 2-3 hours, but it depends on how much you sweat.


Portable Mosquito Killers

Okay, this probably sounds inconvenient, but having a portable mosquito killer is one way to get them, especially at night. It also serves as another source of bait. Mosquitos like bright lights and will start swarming towards it, especially if it’s the only light source. Some people bring an electric mosquito swatter. It’s the easiest to store away and the easiest to charge. Some electric mosquito swatters come with a USB charger, allowing you to take it whenever you need to. Just make sure it doesn’t get wet, or you don’t get wet while swinging it.


Don’t Wear Dark Clothes

It’s not like mosquitoes can see dark colors, but rather, they can detect the heat. When you’re fly fishing or doing any form of fishing, you are constantly in motion. You generate heat when you move. It’s why fishing clothes are often in light colors. Light colors don’t trap heat; dark colors do. The darker the color, the more heat is trapped. When the heat is trapped, the body generates an odor or a favorable scent to mosquitoes.


Read the Wind

Mosquitoes are not very strong. Strong winds will throw them off course, making it impossible to bite you. If the winds around you are dead and calm, you’re more prone to getting bitten by mosquitoes. It takes a little reading, but even the slightest breeze will do in getting rid of those insects while fishing. 

While the winds are blowing, it would be best to have a hat or a cap with you. Depending on where the wind is coming from, you’re supposed to ride with the wind and not against it. Riding against it would blow the bugs towards you. Depending on where the wind is blowing, you know that the wind blows the mosquitoes back.

If there’s no existing wind, gaining momentum in a boat will also do. Boats come with motors, and with enough momentum, you’ll build up a good wind. Keep moving around every 10 minutes to keep the mosquitoes away while fishing. Keep in mind that reading the wind is just as important as reading the water.


Keep Dry, Keep Healthy, and Keep Safe

Some studies have shown that mosquitoes like feasting on the blood of their prey, especially if they have pre-existing disorders. Knowing how to keep the mosquitoes away gives you more time to focus on the fishing rather than constantly dealing with them.