Sander Lucioperca



Rivers, Lakes

1 - 11 pounds

15" - 39"


Also Known As: Zander, Sander

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Pike-Perch (Sander lucioperca) Fish Description

Pike-Perch or commonly known as a Zander are fish that are commonly used as bait for big catfishes like the Channel Catfish and the Black Bullhead or even for fishing Sea Bass. Despite being common bait, the Pike-Perch is considered the largest member of the Perch family. It has a torpedo-shaped body which helps them lower the friction of water as they swim, especially since they loiter more in rivers. 

On the back and from a dorsal (top) view, it has a faded olive-green color which eventually merges with the cream white gradient on its belly. However, you’ll also notice that the back has jet black, vertical columns that stop right above a fading grey-black line that runs across its belly. The Pike-Perch’s dorsal fin is split into two sections: one containing 13-20 spines while the other part has 18-24 soft rays. Its anal fin is also composed of 2-3 rays accompanied with 10-14 softer ones. It also has a short but forked tailfin.

Aesthetically, you’ll also notice that the Pike-Perch has a bit of a snout and bulging eyes. Despite their slender body, the Pike-Perches have powerful jaws that can snap up their prey without any problems. 

Pike-Perch Diet

A Pike-Perch has a strong jaw for a reason. Mainly, Pike-Perch prefers a carnivorous-piscine diet. They feast on small fish and have a preference for the small fish that school (probably to make the most out of their voracious appetite). However, some have reported that the Pike-Perch in the United Kingdom also like feeding on common roaches and Gudgeon.


Pike-Perch Size

Adult Pike-Perches can grow up to 39 inches (100 cm) though, on average they usually hit only 20 inches (50 cm). Usually, in lakes, Pike-Perches can be smaller due to overcrowding in comparison to some Pike-Perches that grow in rivers. However, someone reported catching a Pike-Perch that grew up to 11.48 kg (25.3 lbs) and 47 inches (120 cm).