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Cynoscion Nebulosus



Onshore, Nearshore, Coastal River

3 - 17 pounds

12" - 39"

Spotted Weakfish Game Fish Quality Excellent
Spotted Weakfish Meal Quality Excellent
Spotted Weakfish Fly Fishing Quality Excellent

Spotted Weakfish

Spotted Weakfish
Also Known As: Seatrout, Speckled Trout, Spotted Squeteague, Spotted Trout  

Guides Who Fish This Species


Brick Township, NJ

28ft - 6 guests

Starting as low as



Stone Harbor, NJ

22ft - 6 guests

Starting as low as



East Quogue, NY

28ft - 4 guests

Starting as low as



League City, TX

22ft - 4 guests

Starting as low as


Spotted Weakfish (Cynoscion nebulosus) Fish Description

The Spotted Weakfish (Cynoscion nebulosus) is a popular gamefish commonly found in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico as well as in the South-eastern United States—from Maryland to Florida. Its popularity as a target by both recreational anglers and commercial fishers is due to its abundance in the said waters, the relative ease to catch the fish, and the excellent flavor of its flesh. Though the fish is also often called spotted seatrout, it is actually not a trout but a member of the drum fish family, which is known for making a croaking or drumming noise.

The Spotted Weakfish can easily be distinguished from other fish species through its compressed elongated body that is speckled with irregular faint spots on the top half. It’s mostly metallic silver in color but the upper half has a dark grayish or bluish tinge and the lower half is tan or white. Its dorsal fin is long and segmented into two parts—with the front part upright and spiny, and the back part leaning to the hind part of the fish. And like all Sciaenids or drumfish, it has a long lateral line that is faint and runs from the head to the tail base.


Diet and Size

Spotted Weakfish are known to be ambush predators wherein they would lunge at their prey who happen to pass by their turf. Their prey mainly consists of fishes and crustaceans, including shrimp, anchovies, pinfish, silverside, mullet, croaker, silver trout, snapper, gobies, sheepshead, grunts, toadfish, and mojarras.

Spotted Weakfish can grow as much as three and a half feet in length and weigh as much as s