Book Your Fishing Charter in Rockport, TX

Rockport is one of the most exciting places to visit for anglers and families that just want to have fun.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Rockport, TX
Book Your Fishing Charter in Rockport, TX
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May 26, 2021, 3 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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Rockport, Texas - otherwise known as the Texas Riveria - astounds many tourists with waters as far as the eye can see. The five bays create a rainbow-like reflection of the sun on Rockport’s waters and let people see the endangered wildlife that has found refuge in Rockport. In Rockport, people can enjoy a little trip down history lane, especially when they meet the Big Tree - one of Rockport’s most famous landmarks and survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

For those who have an aspiration to become a ship engineer, Rockport is home to the shipbuilding industry. With its founders originally from the Morgan Steamship Line, people can see the evolution of ships in Rockport and how they’ve become one of the most sturdy forms of transport today. And for those who love shrimp, Rockport has a big shrimping industry where tons of shrimp can be either used for bait or enjoyed with a cocktail.

Fishing in the Texas Riveria, Rockport

Surrounded by five bays, who wouldn’t want to go fishing? Fishing charters in Rockport are familiar with the five-bay systems that surround it. For redfish fishing, fishing charters would recommend going to Redfish Bay for kayak fishing. The bay's shallow waters make it a fun place to start and the perfect place for novice anglers to try out their skills. 

For every Texan’s fishing rite of passage, you’re bound to find a speckled trout in Copano Bay. But speckled trout isn’t all they have there. Wait until night falls, and you’ll see fishing charters offering the authentic Texan experience of going flounder gigging for southern flounder. These three fish are considered the Big Three of Rockport.

Redfish are what make fishing available all year round in Rockport. Even during winter, redfish are still available, albeit smaller. Speckled trout are a common winter catch around December to February but still appear even after the colder months. Southern flounder prefer warmer waters, so around June should be the best time to go flounder gigging for large doormats. 

Fun Things to Try in Rockport

1. Winery at the Bay

The Winery at the Bay is Rockport’s most famous wineries because they import juice and wines from different parts of the world. People who go to the Winery at the Bay have a chance to drink custom-made wine while enjoying it with a cube of fancy cheese. What better way to enjoy the view of Rockport’s bays while drinking a glass of wine?


2. Birdwatching at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Rockport’s Aransas National Wildlife Refuge became one of the top 10 national wildlife refuges for a reason. They are home to various endangered birds such as the Whooping Crane, the Laughing Gull, and a variety of hummingbirds, including the Ruby-throated Humming Bird. People who want to immerse themselves in the wildlife truly can go hiking along the Heron Trails, where they’ll see the aviaries that protect herons.


3. Enjoy the shade under the Big Tree

Named one of the largest living oaks in Texas, the Big Tree is a natural miracle in itself. As a survivor of Hurricane Harvey, the Big Tree is one of the relics of those messy times. The tree is in the middle of Goose Island State Park, another place where you can go birdwatching and relax.

Fish in Rockport and beyond.