Book Your Fishing Charter in Vallejo, CA

Anything is possible in Vallejo. Make sure to book your trip now and enjoy all kinds of activities under the California sun.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Vallejo, CA
Book Your Fishing Charter in Vallejo, CA
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August 16, 2021, 2 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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Vallejo is one of the hidden gems in California, although it’s often overshadowed by its more popular neighboring cities. This waterfront urban escape overlooks the fertile waters of San Pablo Bay and is famous for its picturesque landscapes filled with gently sloping hills and lush banks. Known for being one of the best places to settle down in the state, this city enjoys generally pleasant and consistent weather throughout the year, with long summers and dry weather. Moreover, its proximity to San Francisco makes it an ideal residential area, with daily ferry trips that shuttle back and forth between the two cities. With a mild Mediterranean climate, a beautiful bay adjacent to it, and Napa just a few miles away, Vallejo is a perfect destination for those who want a great balance between a thriving city and outdoor life that has a fantastic fishing scene. 

Vallejo: Relaxed Angling

Vallejo’s location by San Pablo Bay makes it a great springboard to charter a boat for some nearshore and offshore fishing. However, it also has its share of inshore action with Lake Chabot in Dan Foley Park that’s regularly stocked with game fish that’s sure to attract any angler. Some of the fish you’ll find in the waters of Vallejo include: 

  • Striped bass - best caught right at the Vallejo Waterfront
  • White sturgeon - charter a boat to find these ancient beasts
  • Rainbow trout (Steelhead) - regularly stocked during season in Lake Chabot
  • Leopard shark - a favorite resident of the bay, but deeper waters hold the keepers

Vallejo: Fun in the Sun


1.Charter a boat

The best way to fish in Vallejo is to hire an experienced captain to take you on a chartered trip around the bay. They’ll make sure you have all the licenses and permits, such as a sturgeon report card, so that you can fish to your heart’s content within the bounds of the law. A veteran guide can also take you to the Sturgeon Triangle or out of the Bay Area into the ocean waters. 

2. Amuse yourself

If you’re in Vallejo, you’ll definitely want to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which is one of the most famous and popular amusement parks in the entire country! With loads of thrilling rides, live entertainment and dining options, it’s impossible not to have a great time here! 

3. Go to Mare Island

If you want to take in a little bit of history, Vallejo has a lot to offer as well. Mare Island is a must-see destination in the city, which used to be a naval shipyard and base. Visitors often head over to see the indoor exhibits, chapel, naval cemetery and seamen’s quarters. However, there is also a locally handcrafted brewery on the island, which has some of the best beers in the state!

Fish in Vallejo and beyond.