Chaumont Bay

Jefferson County, New York.

Chaumont Bay ends in Three Mile Bay, New York.

246 feet (75 meters)

33037178.25 miles (53168201.04 sq kilometers)

About The Chaumont Bay

About Chaumont Bay, NY

Chaumont Bay is a popular fishing location in Jefferson County situated on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. Guffin Creek, Chaumont River, and the Three Mile Creek are among its tributaries. Its 9,000-acre embayment, as well as its many tributaries, make it the largest freshwater bay in the world. 

In the previous decades, Chaumont Bay was originally a port of trade for the nearby villages. Today, it is a spot frequented by families that are into recreational water activities such as swimming, sailing, and of course, fishing. The Chaumont Bay-Three Mile Bay is often referred to as the “Golden Crescent” - named as such because of its abundance of fish all year round.

Chaumont Bay Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Chaumont Bay, NY

Chaumont Bay’s unique shoreline, varying water depths, rocky shores, and rocky bottom make it perfect for fish to spawn. Smallmouth bass, walleye