Cotton Key Basin

Monroe County, Florida.

Cotton Key Basin ends in Tavernier, Florida.

2482902.57 miles (3995845.60 sq kilometers)

About The Cotton Key Basin

About Cotton Key Basin, FL

Cotton Key Basin is geographically located near Islamorada and Tavernier in Monroe County, Florida. It is a saltwater bay, and it is close to other bodies of water such as Upper Matecumbe Key, Snake Key, Florida Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean in Everglades National Park. 

The bay has shallow flats that are utilized by different bird species as well as bonefish. Aside from that, it has numerous mangrove islands that act as nesting sites for various birds such as cormorants, four different species of herons, and pelicans. Moreover, Cotton Key is a favorite perch for magnificent frigatebirds.

Cotton harvesting is also prominent in the island found in this bay and is the reason why it is named Cotton Key Basin. In fact, the fishing clubs on this island, along with the Islamorada Fishing Club, The Millionaires Club, and the Matecumbe Fishing Club, were built in the 1920s by the eleven members of the New York Cotton Exchange. 

Cotton Key Basin Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Cotton Key Basin

The saltwater in Cotton Key Basin comes from the Florida Key. Its water is nutrient-rich, which gives life to various fish species such as great barracuda