Lake Salvador

St. Charles County, Louisiana.

Lake Salvador ends in Ama, Louisiana.

125.65 miles (202.21 sq kilometers)

About The Lake Salvador

About Lake Salvador, LA

Lake Salvador is a 44,800 acres estuary in Louisiana located twelve miles (12 mi) southwest of New Orleans and southeast of the Salvador Wildlife Management Area in the St. Charles Parish. It is fed by the Bayou Des Allemands and flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

The lake has a length of about 16 miles and a width of 12 miles with a depth of about six feet (6 ft.) With its given length and width, the water body is considered to be one of the biggest in the state, and with the measurement of its depth, it has been labeled as a shallow lake.

Throughout history, the lake has had many names. In 1732, it was given the name “Lac des Ounchas”. While in 1816, it was changed to Ouacha Lake. It was then officially given the name of Lake Salvador in 1916.

Lake Salvador Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Lake Salvador, LA

Lake Salvador is a habitat for many different marine species because of its characteristics. Due to the fact that it is surrounded by marshlands, the lake has served as home to a big population of catfish,