Long Key Bight

Monroe County, Florida.

Long Key Bight ends in Long Key, Florida.

2771057.76 miles (4459586.56 sq kilometers)

About The Long Key Bight

About Long Key Bight, FL

Long Key Bight is a gulf that is situated within the Long Key State Recreation Area, a 965-acre area of land that is one of the most famous camping grounds in the state of Florida. The gulf takes up the shape of a crescent and has an estimated depth of one up to five feet.

Many people who have experienced great things by the gulf have mentioned that it is worth visiting over and over again, considering that it is sitting in the middle of a recreation area. There are so many worthwhile water sports that one can do such as boating, swimming, and most especially fishing which has long been a part of Long Key’s history.

Long Key’s relationship with fishing had first become popular upon the establishment of the Long Key Fishing Camp in 1908 which proudly stated that Long Key had “some of the best fishing experience in the world”. 

Long Key Bight Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Long Key Bight, FL

Long Key Bight has quite a number of species for sport fishing. These are the mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, yellow jack